July 30, 2021

How to handle a break up in a fashionable way

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304638-3217-2By Khareem Cabey From CMV Live

Begging, blaming and hurling insults are usual factors present in every break up but this could ruin our dignity and self-esteem just as much as it can damage our relationship. To preserve ourselves from this humiliating event, better try a more fashionable way of getting out of a bad relationship. Sooner or later, you will be forced to move on no matter how much emotional investment had you put in that relationship of yours.

Putting an end to what once had been a healthy relationship is not easy, whether you or your partner is to blame. However, you can handle a break up in such a fashion that it would be easier for both of you to move on. Here are some tips on how to be fashionable with your break up.

Proper Way of Communication

The lack of proper communication is the usual reason for a break up especially the manner on how it is usually delivered. How can two people understand and respect each other after they ended up their relationship hurting each other with foul words and blames. Understand that a breaking up decision does not suddenly pop out of your minds. It takes a lot of reasons before you or your partner decides that everything is over between the two of you. It always takes two to tango. So why not try to make that last piece of communication more comprehensible. To make this, you need to allow acceptance of the fact that the romantic part of your relationship is over. Communicating properly is hard when you are on the verge of an emotional breakage. So, if you think you can’t handle this quite well, set it up on another time. What is important is that you are able to handle yourself at the time you will be delivering your final piece. Calmness and control are two important factors that must be present while you deliver it. While you are cool, your partner will never have the chance to ruin your emotion and self-respect.

Setting up the Scene

The scene is another important factor that you must consider. Set it up in a more private place for your last drama. Be sure to set it up on a neutral ground and in an appropriate time. Don’t hold it in view of the public as it could elicit negative responses.

Listening Matters

Give each other a time to listen. Failure to listen leads to misunderstanding. Usually women love to talk even nonsense things and so much more with how they feel when they are with their love one. Men on the other side love to listen or make her woman feel that he is listening. So you can easily spot it once your partner’s attention starts to wander somewhere else. No matter how hurting and sensitive your farewell is, doing it with such tact will merit each other’s respect somehow. If you are the one leaving, be straight to the point and explain your reasons for doing it. Be honest about it for he deserves an explanation. But avoid saying things that could make matters worse like telling him you’re leaving him for another man or that he is boring, even if there is truth in it.

Settle for a Final Closure

Nasty breakups are always characterized by bitterness. This happens when one or both of you were not given a chance to say what he wants to say. Allow question to be answered and no pretenses. Try to be soothing and comforting when you are the one who had inflicted such hurting but you need not be swayed in your decision. Make it clear to your partner that you had long decided to have this break up and say it with finality. Starting all over again will only lead you to where you once had been.

Separation in a relationship can be traumatic but just a temporary set back in life that one can easily get through depending on how it is handled. It’s just a matter of choosing how you make your grand exit after a series of highlighted events in your life and then make a sudden reentry with a bang! This article teaches you to handle this little drama in your life in the most fashionable way you can.

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