May 21, 2022

How to get cheap van rentals in the USA

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Nowadays, we use van rental for different cases: traveling, domestic needs and occasions like parties or weddings. Although van classes are varied, all of them have perfect points such as spacious salon, big legroom, separate place for luggage and sometimes entertaining things like TV screen or player. Perhaps, now you have a question, what is profitable – renting or buying a car? Of course, both variants provide pros and cons, but if it is not necessary to move from city to city every time, renting is much better. Rental companies always give fresh cars with all of the facilities. A new van is an expensive purchase; the old one is cheaper but less safe and unreliable. So, a rental van saves your time and money. Let’s consider the types of vans to understand what is suitable especially for you and how to get them cheap. Life Hacks and tricks are here!  

Rental rules and general info

Firstly, you must be at least 23-years-old to rent a van. Age is important because it influences the price (for young drivers foreseen a Young Drivers Surcharge) and experience. Secondly, it is essential to have a driver’s license and credit or debit card for payment and discounts or special offers, so ask your bank about rewarding programs for users before booking a car. Decided to rent a van in USA? It is quite a simple process with a good navigated site or app. Rent a 12 passenger van for a long road trip with friends or the whole family and make them happy – such a weekend brings together. Consider a cargo van for transferring goods, if you move to a new place – that could be cheaper than stevedore services, and besides, perhaps you will be calm for your things because they’ll stay in your hand and responsibility. 

Tricks for cheaper rental 

IMAGE: pexels

Some secret ways are easier than you think. Just pay attention to several points:

  1. Don’t accept upgrades such as GPS or tool pass, or child safety seats – you must pay a daily charge for it, so bring your seat for the child. Check it in the agreement and say no confidently.
  2. Always book beforehand if you want to have a road trip with your friends or family. The best time is a few months short. You will have leeway for comparing prices and finding the cheaper variant. Reconsider something if necessary, and then change plans without waste. 
  3. Fill the tank by yourself before returning the car. It is better and cheaper than the big charge a company usually takes. 
  4. Sometimes renting a car for the week is cheaper than for a few days. Compare prices and be sure that you can return the vehicle earlier without a fee.
  5. Try to rent a car on weekends – weekdays are more expensive.  

Profitable car insurance 

That’s a contentious issue but functional for saving money. Rental companies frequently offer to buy it through the nose. There are two ways to solve such a problem. Use your insurance to provide full coverage (refine that with the agency). Car rental insurance is low-priced to take with a credit card, and you get it free and pay only when using it. 

Aspects Included in Price 

Although we can avoid unnecessary fees, the daily/weekly/monthly charge is based on several factors, which you should know to understand what price is low or high:

  1. Location. Rental agencies provide different prices for airports (always more expensive) or places in the city such as downtown ext (cheaper). 
  2. Taxes. States domestic taxes, highway taxes, and tourism taxes. Taxes must be included by the law.
  3. Fees. Companies usually show the list of charges on the site. Security fees and customer transportation can be an example. 
  4. Extras. Be careful here; you will find the fine print with worthless functions like satellite radio and roadside assistance. Your phone has the same functions. Please read it carefully!
  5. Transport characteristics – size, features, and model. Car brands may increase the price, especially luxury auto. You should pay for the brand a bit more even if such a vehicle is smaller than a big car but in the class below. 

TOP 3 Van Models

 Rent a van for the first time? Check our top-3 compilation and choose one – you won’t lose on it. Let’s have a look at three van classes. They have been quite popular during the years, as statistics shows. Mercedes-Benz Vito is a universal stylish van because it is suitable for every occasion, whatever you want, and divided into more classes for passenger traffic – Vito Tourer Base, Vito Tourer Pro, and luxurious Vito Tourer Select.

All in all, they established themselves perfectly in the price/quality ratio. Citroen Berlingo relates to compact class, although it is quite a spacious, comfortable car for a reasonable rental price. This vehicle is essential and well-equipped, useful for business trips and long roads. Volkswagen Transporter is just an old favorite that is still strong all the time – the first model was produced 71 years ago. It means that such a vehicle will continue to develop from year to year to be improved ideally. 


The favorable journey always starts with a cheap car rental, because you will save money for souvenirs or additional attractions, which is more pleasant. And primarily, you will be comfortable in a van, so your travel must be excellent. We wish you a safe road and a good trip!

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