January 21, 2022

How to find free Surrogacy Mother in USA? Tips and hints

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Thinking about proceeding with surrogacy to change your life for the best? Nowadays, such a procedure is not a surprise but a working solution to help those couples that are unable to conceive a baby. On the other hand, it is not so easy and bright when it comes to legal documentation. Beyond that, it is all about money. Let’s understand whether the best surrogacy agency USA may assist couples with finding a free surrogate mother.

Ways of Finding Free Surrogacy in USA

First off, it is worth saying that finding a free surrogate is not something impossible but also not easy. The best way of approaching such an attempt is through designated agencies. There you may find out all the necessary information about the USA surrogacy programs. For instance, the World Center of Baby surrogacy in USA agency may consult you and guide you through all the steps involved in the process. Moreover, they have a reliable database of surrogate mothers where you may find a perfect candidate. 

If not the World Center of Baby, you should stick to the following tip.

  • Learn more about altruistic surrogacy

It is not a very popular program, however, some couples manage to succeed with it. It simply stands for intended parents finding a free surrogate who can carry a baby without receiving a base monetary compensation. Yet, the surrogate still has all medical costs covered by certain arrangements. 

On most occasions, altruistic surrogacy is ongoing with a surrogate intended parents know. It can be their friend or colleague or another person who is willing to help. If you have such candidates within your network, it is pure luck but still a burden in terms of law actions. A surrogate should prove legally that she is ready, and understand all the risks. 

There is also a way of communicating with certain agencies that may provide you with a free surrogate mothers database, however, you are most likely to pay a certain price to them. The cost will again involve the preparation of documents. Note, with World Center of Baby, such a free program is not accessible, but you receive the utmost transparency and help with all steps involved in surrogacy USA. 

Then, you should know that only some states allow gay surrogacy in USA if you are of a same-sex couple. Yet, based on practice, gay couples are most likely to be among lucky ones who have best friends or family members that are able to help them by being free surrogate.

As for the surrogacy cost in USA, when you have to compensate for everything for a gestational procedure, you should be ready to contribute a fortune of money. The costs again greatly differ based on your selection of agency, however, on average $90K-$130K may be required. It will involve clinic cost and paperwork.

So, you can either turn to designated agencies for traditional help or seek information in forum sources where other couples share their success in finding free surrogates.

Legal Aspect of Surrogacy in the U.S.

When you only start considering surrogacy in the USA, without the necessary involvement of cost thoughts, you should also know legal details about this process. First off, the U.S. surrogacy laws are various, however, they are all intended to protect both intended parents of different nationalities as well as surrogates who work with them. Secondly, there should be some prolific time spent on determining the right state to pursue surrogacy safely. Below, you can check where it is positively developed. Please note, that this process is primarily governed by state laws, not federal ones. It means that in one state you may come across trouble, while another one will provide you with the best experience. 

  • California

This state is one of the go-choices among intended parents who want to proceed with the program. You may find a myriad of court cases that made the surrogacy agreements, and pre-birth orders easy to perform.

  • Connecticut

It is a state perfect for gestational surrogacy. You will need to consider it if you are single, coupled, same-sex or straight, as well as have no single genetic relation to the further child. You will definitely receive a pre-birth order. 

  • Delaware

A number of state laws cater to issuing pre-birth orders as well as surrogacy agreements.

  • New Jersey

This state is super-friendly regarding the program. You can receive a pre-birth order in two cases – when you use your own genetic material or go for donor sperm/eggs. 

  • Washington

Last but not least, a favourable option for you is a good-old Washington. It is a perfect match for gestational surrogacy for married/unmarried couples as well as same-sex and straight couples. The same concerns the issuing of a pre-birth order whenever no one from a couple has any genetic connection to the further child. 

You are most likely to come across higher fees and nothing related to free surrogacy in the above-mentioned states, however, your chances to have the process done stress-free are very uplifted. By relying on a designated agency that has a long-standing presence in the field, and highly experienced lawyers will help you come up with the enforceable contract of your responsibilities and rights, build firm parental rights even before your child is born, as well as provide a surrogate with proper care. It especially concerns the processes for LGBTQ couples who want to avoid hustle and bustle as much as possible.

Let’s sum it all up. Free surrogacy taking into consideration the USA is a tough challenge because it is getting more and more about business and profit today. You can occasionally make it come true if you have personal connections with a surrogate like it is your friend or colleague who is willing to do it for you. Yet, you will be still obliged to meet expenses on medical care, and other legal documentation involved. So, you have to always rely on agencies with experience in the field to avoid unexpected fees which you can not be even aware of. 

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