March 24, 2023

How to choose the right running shoes?

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Over the years, running is becoming the main activity of a large number of people. The reasons are varied, among which the desire to lose weight, health issues or the simple fact of enjoying kilometers of physical activity stands out. So far so good, but on many occasions it escapes us that in order to play sports it is necessary to wear the correct equipment.

Choosing running shoes is a very important step before starting to run, since using suitable sports equipment will make it easier to practice sports and prevent possible injuries from bad footing. The Nike air max is aware of the importance of choosing the right material for sports, assessing various aspects to take into account.

Do You Want To Start Running, What Do We Need To Know?

Every novice runner, before starting to devour kilometers and kilometers, needs a little information about the running shoes that may be more suitable for their way of running, their weight and the distance they usually or intend to cover, as well as carrying out a workout progressive where you can see if the chosen shoes are correct.

  • First of all, it is necessary to talk about the relationship between the weight of the runner and the running shoe. As the weight is greater and the body size increases, the shoe that should be used will be different. Each stride on the ground increases the weight by 10, therefore it is not the same to weigh 100 kilograms than 60.
  • Secondly, it must be taken into account that physical capacity is very important when choosing running shoes. A person who is used to running and who has good muscles weighing 90 kilos is not the same as a person weighing 90 kilos who does not play sports, much less is used to running.
  • Thirdly, something very important must be emphasized when running and it is the shape of the footprint. Depending on the way the runner has to step during the race, he will need a different shoe to correct the step. This different way of stepping is called pronation and will be explained in later lines.
  • Finally, to choose shoes that are similar to the weight, physical capacity and type of tread of the runner, it is necessary to take into account the use that is going to be given. There are running shoes that are more suitable for some distances than others and for some tests than others. Thus, we can find shoes for short and long distances, shoes for specific tests such as those used by triathletes, which can even be used without socks, or shoes for asphalt and mountains.

Running Shoes By Weight: Cushioning

There is a relationship between the cushioning, the weight of the runner and the weight of the shoe, related in turn to the amount of material with which the brands manufacture the footwear. Each running shoe brand uses a different cushioning system to satisfy its customers. 

The more cushioning capacity, the more beneficial for our career and our body, since many injuries come from the wrong choice of footwear. 

Taking into account the weight of a person when running, the following classification can be established:

  • Light runners: In this classification all those runners of less than 65 kilograms in men and 50 kilograms in the case of women appear. The shoes for this group of people will be characterized by being very light, flexible and with very little cushioning.
  • Average runners: Within this group will be runners weighing up to 80 kilos. Within this group, the shoes will be much more cushioned, although without increasing the weight of the shoe much.
  • Heavy runners: In this group we will have those people who reach up to 90 kilos in men and 75 kilos in women. Runners in this group have to opt for a highly cushioned shoe with great reactive capacity. Within this group we will also opt for running shoes with a wide midsole that better distributes our weight so that our muscles and joints suffer as little as possible.
  • Very heavy runners: Runners of more than 90 kilos in men and more than 75 in women will find themselves here. When looking for the right shoe for this group, it will be necessary for us to opt for the most cushioned shoe of the brand that we like the most and that has a highly reinforced arch so that our body suffers as little as possible.

The last aspect to take into account when choosing sneakers men and runningNike air max shoes will be the number of kilometers that we are going to do with them. A shoe usually lasts about 1,000 kilometers, so those people who use them a lot will have to renew them more regularly.


By way of conclusion, it is necessary to remember that running shoes are in charge of protecting the runner’s feet and must be adapted to the environment through which the race takes place, therefore, they must be the best possible, since one of them. It will depend on running a race safely, as well as adequate training, carried out by the senior technician in physical conditioning at a distance.

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