December 1, 2020

How to choose a kayak

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Kayaking is a popular sport involving a long, canoe like boat and a paddle with blades at both ends of the shaft.  To navigate the kayak, you simply dip the blades in the water and propel your craft. It might surprise you to know that our beloved publisher, Joan Wilson, love to go kayaking. She even owned one until Hurricane Ivan stole it from her. Her last sight of it was sailing at top speed down the road outside her property. Yes, I do mean sailing. The road (and property) was immersed in 6ft of seawater! As Joan is the wrong side of 70 and she loves to kayak, why not you? However, that’s the easy part.  What’s really tricky about kayaking, is buying one. Here are a few steps to make your kayak-buying experience a little easier.

Relaxed or Extreme? How do you plan to use the kayak? Are you a leisurely paddler, or a hardcore whitewater kayaker?  Here, probably the former. Therefore, choose a more basic (and less costly) kayak.

Well Equipped? You need the accessories to make it worth cruising. Make a checklist. Paddle, lifejacket and wetsuit are all important.

With literally hundreds of models available, choosing a kayak is a lot harder than learning to paddle one.  Identify your needs, know the style of kayak and type of equipment you want, and then venture out to shop.  Don’t be pressured into buying the most expensive kayak, or be tempted into buying a kayak because of a cool name or celebrity endorsement. Shop smart.










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