June 3, 2020

How the entertainment industry has changed after mobile apps boom?


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By Sandeep Agrawal

Gone are the days when people used to rush back home just so that they can catch their favorite show on TV.

Today, we have smartphones, internet, and mobile apps. Thanks to these three innovations, Entertainment is no longer fixed to predefined time slots.

It means, if you miss an episode of your favorite show on TV, now you can still watch it on either your smartphone from your workspace or you can just watch it later when you’re free.

The point is, entertainment industry has now been digitalized and has brought the comfort of accessing entertainment content from anywhere through a smartphone and internet access.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. In this article, we will dive deeper and discuss how mobile apps have changed the entertainment industry in detail.

That being said, let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Ways Mobile Apps Changed Entertainment Industry

Though mobile apps have revolutionalized nearly all industries but the entertainment is one of the few industries that is taking full advantage of the mobile technology the most.

From live news to watching movies & TV shows on smartphone, entertainment apps have covered everything a person may need to sit back and just enjoy.

Let’s look at some ways mobile apps revolutionized the entertainment industry.

1 – A Whole New Platform

Entertainment app development has the capability to form an entirely new platform for music, movies, news, and live streaming to name just a few.

This, as a result, has given birth to many artists to showcase their work and establish a follower base.

For example, before the mobile apps boom, only professionals had the access to the right platforms. But today, mobile apps provide multitude of platforms to everyone for showcasing their talent and build influence.

Youtube, for instance, allows anyone to start a channel and showcase their video content and talent by making different styles of videos.

2 – Gaming

Gaming is one of the most popular areas of the entertainment industry.

And with mobile technology, not only people can carry their favorite games right in their pockets, it also provides real-time multiplayer option so that gamers from all over the world can play together.

In short, gaming apps are connecting players via the internet and is revolutionizing the gaming experience.

3 – Music

Music, if you remember, was limited to radio, music TV channels, cassettes, and websites. But that’s not the case anymore.

The rise of mobile apps like iTunes, Wynk, and now Spotify have provided users with the much needed access to listen to any music anytime and anywhere through the access to the internet.

In fact, most of these music apps provide free access to all music in exchange for showing different ads.

4 – Social Media

One of the common ways people keep boredom at bay is through social media.

Social media apps are the ultimate entertainer for a majority of people worldwide. From watching funny videos to simply catching up with friends and family, social media apps have become the ideal platforms to stay entertained, even while on the move.

In fact, the convenience that different social media applications offer has taken a strong hold and has become one of the key sources for entertainment for the vast majority of people these days.

5 – Eliminate Duplicate Content

For years, entertainment industry has suffered great losses due to the duplicate or pirated content. But, entertainment app development is now greatly contributing towards reducing and eliminating this issue by providing the same content for a reasonable price.

For example, entertainment apps today provide an option to download unlimited music and videos at minimal cost. In addition to this, the quality of content, due to entertainment apps, has also improved and easily accessible.

Bottom Line? – Mobile Apps Will Continue to Drive Innovation

The entertainment industry has experienced massive change ever since the mobile apps boom. But, this is just the beginning. As we move forward into the future, new innovations in the entertainment industry will continue to apace as more mobile technologies emerge.

That being said, if you’re a brand or business from the entertainment industry and wants to join the race of entertainment mobile apps, it’s highly-recommended that you partner with professionals providing mobile app development services to build your first entertainment app.


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