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How one man used anti-migration policies to trap worker

From Ellie Finkelstein, Freedom United

June 16th, 2024

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Forced labor
Undocumented workers exploited in pizza chain forced labor scheme
An American pizza chain owner was convicted of exploiting undocumented workers in a shocking forced labor scheme, using their precarious immigration status as a weapon. This case reveals the dark side of draconian anti-migrant policies, which can drive vulnerable individuals into the hands of ruthless predators who subject them to violence, threats, and relentless exploitation. Read more…
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Child slavery
European cocaine gangs using forced labor to exploit children
Europe’s £10bn cocaine market is driving forced child labor, with drug cartels exploiting hundreds, possibly thousands, of unaccompanied child migrants as street-level drug dealers. E.U. police forces warn that the exploitation of African children by European cocaine gangs has now reached an “industrial scale.”
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Supply chain
Rights campaigners and Fashion Council oppose Shein joining London’s stock exchange
Despite facing numerous accusations of forced labor and copyright infringement, fast fashion giant Shein is seeking legitimacy by joining the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE). However, workers’ rights groups and the British Fashion Council are urging the U.K. government to oppose this move due to persistent ethical concerns and lack of supply chain transparency. Read more…
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