January 17, 2022

How can you avoid these common terrible mowing mistakes?

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Colossal mowing mistakes are very common for beginners and even for people who have years of experience. So, we get your struggle.

But, you need this to stop so that you can mow some grass in peace, without worrying about screwing up.

So, how do you do that?

By following our guide of course. We whipped up something to help you avoid these common terrible mowing mistakes that we were blabbering about.

We have talked about 11 such mistakes throughout this piece, all in detail. So, you can go through this and become a little bit more aware of these common screwups.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s move further into it.

Avoid These 11 Mowing Mistakes

These are 11 of the most common mistakes that people make while mowing. Avoiding them will save you a lot of time.

So, here goes:

Getting the Wrong Mower

You might be making your life harder by getting the wrong kind of mower itself. So, it’s important that you know which mower to get.

A push mower works better for small lands or yards. So, it’s more likely to slow things down on a large portion of land (anything over ½ an acre).

On the contrary, a lawn tractor can cover large lands. So, it’d be an overkill to get a lawn tractor for your small lawn or yard (anything less than ¼ of an acre).

So, it’s crucial that you consider the size of your lawn before buying the mower. That’d save you a lot of trouble.

Let’s check out the next mistake then.

Running at Half Speed

Some people have the idea that running a lawn-mower at full speed is bad for its engine. Moreover, they also think that it shortens the life of the mower itself.

We’ll they seem to have the wrong idea altogether. As a matter of fact, the blades have an ideal speed, and the machine has an RPM threshold, crossing, which gives better performance.

So, it’s better to read the manual properly and know about the optimum speed of operating your mower.

Running the Mower too Fast

Just because we told you to run the mower at high-speed doesn’t mean that you’re going to be all hasty now. It’s not a good idea to rush through the process of mowing your lawn.

So, take your time through the lawn. Make sure that you are getting good and even cuts. You don’t want your yard to be messier than before you cut it.

In this case, it’s wiser to be patient and use the optimum blade speed to cut the lawn at a medium pace. This way, you can get some good results.

Now, let’s move on to the next mistake on our list.

Using Dull Blades

Mower blades wear out with use and/or time. They are a lot like razor blades. And just like razor blades, they make uneven and damaging cuts when dulled.

So, when you see ragged and jagged grass after using your mower, it’s time to change the blades or get them sharpened—a pretty simple and easy rule to follow.

Therefore, the best solution to having clean cuts is a fresh set of blades for your mower. We’d recommend keeping a spare set of blades in your garage.

Other than that, you can give the dull set to a specialist to sharpen. Now, let’s see what happens when you try to cut a wet lawn in the next one on the list.

Cutting a Wet Lawn

The last thing you want to do after a rainstorm is mowing your lawn. It just calls for trouble.

Wet grass can become slick, which isn’t suitable for mowing. The moist clippings will get stuck to the blade and jam the blades.

So, it’s best to wait for the lawn to dry before you make a move.

Mowing too Less

If you want to make your lawn look luxurious, it’s best to mow it and mow it often. For the strongest and best appearance, don’t cut more than ⅓ off the top.

This goes for each time you mow. So, adjust the blade height when necessary.

Mowing too Much

Mowing your lawn’s grass deep at once does mean that you don’t have to cut frequently. But “scalping the lawn” also calls in weeds and forces the grass to regrow its blades.

So, the grasses end up all weak thanks to the weakened roots. If you want a luxurious lawn, don’t do this.

Following a Schedule

Sticking to a schedule might seem ideal, but it’s better to show some flexibility when it comes to mowing the lawn. You should pay attention to the grass.

For example, the grass will grow quicker in spring and summer. So it’ll need to be trimmed more often.

Sticking to the Same Pattern

It’s ideal to mix up the direction every time you mow the lawn. If you keep following the same pattern, the grass will grow in that direction.

So, if you want the grass to grow upright, it’s better to vary the patterns. This avoids ruts in the lawn.

Now, let’s check out the next mistake you might be making.

Cleaning the Clippings

You can save yourself a lot of work by leaving the grass clippings on the lawn. These clippings quickly decompose and provide the soil with all sorts of beneficial nutrients.

So, it’s best to leave the clippings be. Now, let’s check the next and last one on our list.

Leaving the Mower Unclean

It’s common knowledge that you’re supposed to clean the underside of the mower after you use it. However, if you don’t do it, it’ll affect the lifespan of the machine.

The residue will clog up the airflow and corrode the deck of the mower. So, don’t forget to clean the mower once you’re done using it.

If you enjoy reading on such gardening tips, do visit https://agoodgarden.com we’ve linked.


Those were all 11 mistakes we piled up to help you avoid these common terrible mowing mistakes.

They were meant to help you and we hope they served their purpose. Now, here’s one last tip before we wrap it up:

Don’t ignore the maintenance manual. Maintenance is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your machine.

We’d also love some feedback. You can leave some in the comments below.

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