February 26, 2021

How can raising awareness help the anti-modern slavery movement?

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Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

January 24, 2021 News Digest

What is the role of awareness-raising in tackling modern slavery?

In an opinion piece this week, labor exploitation expert Emily Kenway explores the role of awareness-raising efforts in tackling modern slavery. She argues that ‘spot the signs’ campaigns fail to acknowledge structural issues underpinning many modern slavery offenses and instead frame extreme exploitation as simply a criminal justice issue Read more…

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Domestic slavery
Migrant domestic workers continue to suffer during the U.K.’s third lockdown
As the U.K. enters another state of lockdown, migrant domestic workers are once again facing precarity. Deteriorating working conditions, coupled with many migrant domestic workers living with their employers, are enabling abuse and exploitation to thrive. Furthermore, the U.K.’s current migrant domestic worker visa system actively impedes those facing abuse from escaping. Read more…
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Human trafficking
Network of baby traffickers arrested in Cameroon
Police in Cameroon have uncovered a baby trafficking ring, arresting some alleged members of the network last weekend in the country’s capital. The operation involved the criminal network targeting young, often poor, mothers with unwanted pregnancies to purchase their babies in Cameroon with the intention of selling the babies to buyers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more…

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Freedom United is delighted to welcome Payzee Mahmod to our Board of Directors! Many of you will be familiar with Payzee who leads the Freedom United campaign to end forced child marriage in the U.K. We look forward to continuing to benefit from Payzee’s leadership and expertise. Read more here.

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