November 25, 2020

Honouring Cayman’s Youth Depends on You

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youth-afterschoolHighlighting Cayman’s youth have always been a powerful motivating force in the local community — and the Proud of Them campaign will help bring this to light.

Through a nomination process, residents will have an opportunity to nominate a young person, between the ages of 10 and 25, to be recognised for their highest achievements.

National Court of Honor Youth Representative - Phaedra Mohammed-AliStarting from today, February 4th, through March 1st, names may be put forward to nominate individuals who have made a significant level of attainment in academics, career, business, sports, culture or community service.

Once selected, honourees will be featured on billboards for a period of six months at a time.

Urging local residents to take advantage of this opportunity, Minister responsible for Youth, Hon. Mark Scotland, JP, noted, “Public nominations allow citizens to exercise their national pride by celebrating our very own young ambassadors. We need everyone’s help to ensure that the Ministry adequately captures those who deserve the opportunity to be recognised for their achievements.”

He further stated, “Although, the community has embraced the positive achievements of young people for many years, it is time to show the entire community that hard work really does pay off. So let us celebrate the success of young persons and allow them be an inspiration to us all.”

Nominations are encouraged from each district so that those selected will have a direct, real, and relevant connection to young people of that particular district.

“Promoting the strengths of our youth will force us to work together and build stronger communities”, added Minister Scotland.

Proud of Them Committee Chairman Joel Francis noted, “Often times, one of the most neglected areas when dealing with young people is the lack of recognition they receive for their accomplishments. Recognition is much more meaningful than we think.”

This is why the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports & Culture (HEYS&C), remains committed to honouring such individuals by showcasing their hard work in reaching these milestones.

It is hoped that this recognition programme will empower young persons to continue to strive higher, while inspiring others to do the same.

Copies of the Proud of Them nomination form are available online at and For more information, or to submit your nominations, contact the organising committee at email [email protected].


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