December 1, 2021

Home Office Transformation: Affordable ideas that anyone can do

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A home office is the need of the hour. You could be an entrepreneur or a work-from-home employee, but a subtle and stable workspace is something we all need. It not only brings more discipline to our work but also makes it easier to focus on your work and be more attentive towards it. 

Many people choose to turn a room in their house into an office while others might not be able to find one spare room and therefore they choose a space in one of their rooms and remodel it for their office work. Decorating the office is a major concern that follows. Each individual chooses to decorate their workspace as per their likes and dislikes. Some like it painted in white, with similar white cabinetry. Some others might like it to have a more vintage look.

In this article, we shall be discussing some tips that a person living in Washington County could follow and prepare their home office.

  1. Minimalistic vibe:

If you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate a crowded space that is overly decorated, you might consider investing in less. Furniture is mostly what takes up a lot of space in the room. Especially, when the room you’ve chosen to turn into an office isn’t too large, try buying only the necessary furniture. Avoid buying any extras like a table to keep the lamp or anything to keep the decorations. You could instead try placing your decoratives on some shelves. 

The color palette of the room should be more towards the lighter shades, mostly white. You can try some darker shades like black and blue to make an outline and add more definition to the space. Try buying furniture that is white or has lighter shades to it. If you do not find them, you can always paint them.

  1. Closet office:

Not many people in Washington County can find homes that have enough rooms to choose a spare one and turn it into an office. That is when several interior decorators came up with an idea to separate some space in the room and, as they say, “closet it” into a workspace. 

Space can prove to be enough for a single person working in it. You need to invest in lesser furniture and smaller ones. Instead of buying a large desk or a table, you can buy a table or a desk with multiple drawers, so that you can keep all your essentials and it won’t even cover much space. One can even transform the space below the staircase into a workspace. 

  1. Indoor plants:

Working space is for you to be able to focus on your work, while you’re at it. Plants enhance the vibe of a space and make it more pleasant and calm. One can get worked up and would require someplace to rest. As much as you require a small count to rest on, plants tend to increase the oxygen amount in the atmosphere, therefore giving you fresh air to breathe. In order to take care of plants, you should research how much water they need daily or weekly or the kind of soil that is best for specific plants. Also, you have to check where you can put grow lights inside the office since they will help the plants bloom.

  1. HVAC equipment:

Do not at any cost forget to buy the HVAC equipment for space and set it up. The weather can be pathetic these days and even if it wasn’t, one needs a space that is adequately ventilated. Buy the right HVAC equipment from a local store or you could even try online methods. 

Try taking help from a professional interior designer or a contractor to help you find a place in Washington County to buy HVAC equipment from.

  1. Curtains and wallpapers:

Clean and beautiful walls add to the beauty of a space. If you have walls that are too old. Instead of getting them repainted and wasting your money and energy on them, you can buy suitable wallpapers of your choice and cover the walls with them.

Choose curtains depending upon the color of the walls. If you are someone who is more attracted to minimalistic design, consider buying curtains in pastel shades and lighter colors.  


To create a home office space in Marietta or Washington County, you can either take up an entire room and turn it into an office or you can use the space below your staircase and turn it into a closeted office. Do not forget to add plants to your space and make it fresh. Buy the HVAC equipment and regulate air circulation in the space. Also, instead of repainting the walls, you can cover them with wallpapers. Choose curtains of lighter shades, depending upon the color and texture of the walls.

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