May 28, 2022

History of Valentine’s Day – in view of different era

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From different data sources about Valentine’s Day combination of both ancient Roman rituals and Christian tradition. Confuse matters, three different saints named Valentine, is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.Different legends described the history of valentine’s day. One legend says Valentine was a priest in Rome during the third century. Emperor Claudius II decided that the marriage would be prohibited for young men who he believed that only men made better soldiers than those who were married to families.Valentine, thought the decree was unjust and unfair, and defied the emperor by performing secret marriages for young lovers. When discovered actions of secret lovers, Claudius ordered that Valentine be enforced.

Explaining the history of valentine’s day another legend said,Valentine may have actually sent the first “Valentine greeting himself. In 270 AD the previous day were executed for refusing to renounce the Christian faith, said to have sent a letter of appreciation to the daughter of the jailer to get food and deliver messages, while in detention, signed “from your Valentine.

Although we can never be sure that the true origin of the Valentine legend is one thing sure, must have an attractive and coherent history since the Middle Ages, Valentine had become one of the most popular saint in France, Great Britain.Time for Valentine’s Day may have been driven from practice to try to integrate the earlier pagan festivals in the Christian calendar. Again, the festival Lupercalia.

Lupercalia, which intiated with IDES February, was a fertility event dedicated to the god Lupercus Agriculture and love goddess, Hera, and the Roman founders Romulus and Remus. Roman daughters put his name in a pot, set up square and young men and just pulled it out to get blind date “for next year. Typically, these annual events often in marriage.Valentine’s Day was the first on February 14 by Pope Gelasius, about 500 AD. At that time, the ticket system “for romantic dating was considered un-Christian and outlawed. During the Middle Ages, the practice of love lotteries conducted by a chance Boxes.” France has plans in crates couple of years to get married or part company. In England it was common for men to bear the name of the girl taken from the boxes opportunity sleeve, encased in a heart.

During this period, was generally considered that in some areas in England and France who have February 14 marked the beginning of the breeding birds, which increased the sense that Valentine’s Day should be a day Romance.

History Celebrations of Valentine’s Day During Different Eras:

Valentines messages began to appear around the beginning of the fifteenth century, and even in these formative times were often anonymous.

The oldest known Valentine the world still in existence today was a romantic ode to Charles of Orleans to his wife in captivity in the Tower of London following his arrest during the Battle of Agincourt. Greeting, written in 1415, and is part of the collection of manuscripts at the British Library in London.

In the United Kingdom Valentine’s Day celebration became popular around the 1600th. He continued to hold, with the familiar

roses are red, violets are blue …

lyrics that make his debut, sometime in the seventeenth century. Since the 1850s it was common for lovers of all social attitudes to love these small gifts or handwritten letters. Meanwhile, in France, people began to decorate their Valentines with links and tips.In the early twentieth century history of valentine’s day, people used to give the handwritten letter means that the card such as the development printing technology has improved the quality of printed cards. At that time, culturally discouraged people to show their feelings in a way that a letter directly, so a printed card was a more acceptable method. More reasonable freight costs and the increasing use of the postal system probably contributed to the popularity of Valentine cards.

Americans probably began exchanging hand-made Valentines with texts in the early 1700s. In the mid-nineteenth century, the first mass-produced Valentines began to go on sale in America. Miss Esther Howland, an artist and businessman, became the first regular publisher of Valentines in the United States. Often called the “mother Valentine, designed Miss Howland many developing creations with lace, ribbons and colorful pictures known as” waste “. Card normally costs between $ 5 – $ 10 each, with some up to $ 35, surprisingly expensive right now.

The Greeting Card Association estimates that if we include the Valentine’s children in the classroom more than one billion Valentine cards will be opened this year. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-sending time of the year, representing 25% of total sales of seasonal cards (Christmas accounts for 60%).According to estimation women buy 80 percent of all Valentine’s cards, which depicts that a large proportion of men either forget or not so romantic in the forward-movement! Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Britain, France and Australia, and is growing in popularity in many other parts of the world.

Facts on Valentine’s Day card (from the Greeting Card Association)

Approximately 25% of individuals Valentine cards are humorous, with adults aged 35 and over are more likely to send funny cards.Valentine’s Day is the largest e-card sending occasion of the year. An estimated 14 million e-Valentines sent in 2008.Greeting cards are the traditional gift of Valentine’s Day more popular in the U.S., ranking the chocolate, flowers or dinner out.American men are seem to be more serious about Valentine’s Day than women. In a national survey of GCA in 2007, 45% of women said they could give a humorous Valentine to their favorites, compared with only 34% of men.The percentage of individuals Valentines exchanged via email than by hand delivery is approximately 50-50.Red is the most popular color choice for Valentine cards, follow the pink and then white. Hearts, roses, love lace and traditional icons Valentine cards. Valentine’s Day in Office Holiday. People are curious for buying Valentine’s day gifts, cards, or sending quotes and wishes to their love ones.

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