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Hijab-wearing models


Hijab-wearing models make history at New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week sees a lot of innovation on the runway, but one Muslim designer managed to bring something completely new to the catwalk this year.

Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history when she had every one of her models wear a hijab. While models have worn hijabs in Fashion Week shows before, this was the first time the entire cast donned a headscarf. Hasibuan is also the first Indonesian designer to have a show at the event.

Hasibuan’s collection included flowing tunics, gowns and pants with distinctly Indonesian flourishes, such as detailed embroidery and luxurious fabrics.
https-blueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com-uploads-card-image-213048-fashionweekHasibuan was applauded across social media for helping bring Islamic fashion into the mainstream like others before her. In 2015, Muslim designer Hana Tajim collaborated with Uniqlo and Mariah Idrissi appeared in a campaign with H&M wearing a hijab. Hasibuan’s show is part of a powerful new trend.

“I believe fashion is one of the outlets in which we can start that cultural shift in today’s society to normalize hijab in America so as to break down stereotypes and demystify misconceptions,” Melanie Elturk, chief executive of Haute Hijab, wrote on Instagram. “Last night’s show was a huge leap forward in that direction.”

https-blueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com-uploads-card-image-213052-hasibuan2The collection is part of the modesty movement in fashion, led by innovative Indonesian designers like Hasibuan. The designer has her own high-end boutique in Jakarta, the country’s capital.

Hasibuan produced 48 different looks for Fashion Week, 38 of which were ready to wear and 10 of which were evening gowns. After the show, she received a standing ovation.

“I am so thankful to international and local media from Indonesia for exposing my show. I did not realize the result can be this amazing, and I am thrilled and humbled by the welcome reaction given,” Hasibuan told CNN.

But on Instagram, Hasibuan identified her challenges:

“Behind the success of a show there is a great team that was strong and sturdy when it was hit by dissent,” Hasibuan wrote. “And we can handle it.”



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