September 29, 2020

Heroes Day Pin Revealed


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NHD2015_COMMEMORATIVE PIN_PHOTOThe next Heroes Day will fall on Monday, 26 January 2015 and the theme is ‘Health Services’. Each early pioneer and pioneer will be awarded a unique pin specifically designed for the award ceremony in order to honour their contributions to health and wellness in the Cayman Islands.
This year’s pin design was created by Charles Gilman, Head of Government Information Services’ Graphics Unit and consistent contributor of designs for the Heroes’ Day pioneer pin.
The pin utilises symbolic images in order to reflect aspects of our culture. The red, white, and blue colours of the pin are taken from the Cayman Islands’ national colours. The additional use of green is used to help symbolise growth and the importance of homeopathic remedies throughout our cultural history.
The three triangles represent the three islands that make up our country. They are designed in an ascending manner as a symbol of the growth seen in the Cayman Islands’ Health Services and the continuing growth that will be seen in the future.
Aloe is given a distinct position in the foreground of the pin’s design to highlight its important historical use as an ingredient in many natural remedies. Periwinkle is featured in a set of three and is also an important historical part of Cayman’s homeopathic remedies. Periwinkle was often used as a treatment for cancer and remains an international symbol for many cancers today.
The serpent and the rod is a commonly used symbol in the health services field associated with healing and medicine.
The banner at the bottom of the design mirrors the banner found at the bottom of the Cayman Islands’ coat of arms, and creates a link between the pin and the people of the islands.
Hon Premier and Minister of Health Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP said, “This year’s celebration encourages national pride in us all. It is also a means of ensuring that we pay a proper tribute to those who have worked continuously to develop health services as a national resource. Therefore, the Ministry is proud to commemorate the work of these invaluable individuals with the 2015 National Heroes Day pin.”
Looking forward to the announcement of the honourees on Monday January 26, Mr McLaughlin also expressed special thanks to citizens and residents for submitting the nominations for their pioneers.
For more information on Heroes Day, contact [email protected]
Image Caption: Designed by Charles Gilman of Government Information Services
1. National Heroes Day 2015 Pioneer Pin

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