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Help us end legalized slavery this Juneteenth

From Krysta Bisnauth, Freedom United

On this Juneteenth, we commemorate freedom from slavery, and we confront a stark reality: slavery still exists in the United States. It is legally permitted as punishment for a crime. This “exception” to the abolition of slavery has perpetuated a system of forced prison labor in action today.  

Right now, legislation is pending [1] that could amend the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and finally put an end to legalized slavery. We need your support to make this change happen. 
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The U.S. is one of just 17 countries highlighted in the 2023 Global Slavery Index for practicing forced prison labor — what it calls one of the “most egregious forms of modern slavery.”  

This law undermines the principles of freedom and fairness that you and I uphold.  

Your signature can make a difference. By supporting this amendment, we can close the exception clause and ensure that slavery is truly abolished in the U.S.   

Let’s honor Juneteenth by taking action to end this injustice.   Join advocates, led by the formerly incarcerated and their families, and let’s right this wrong. 
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Thank you for standing with us in this critical fight 

In solidarity,

Krysta and the team that supports the Freedom United community

Krysta Bisnauth
Advocacy Manager, Freedom United



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