July 12, 2020

Health Screening required for current reception students


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Schedule1The Public Health Department advises parents and guardians that all reception students who entered the school system in September 2012, are required to have health screenings to continue to year one of primary education.

“Since 2012, the reception program was extended to several primary schools, however School Entry Screening (SES) was not customarily done for children entering reception, due to their age.” explains School Health Coordinator Joanna Rose-Wright.

Nurse Rose-Wright adds:  “For the convenience of parents, health screenings will be conducted during the month of May for these students, at the school in which they are enrolled”.

The screening will comprise a growth and development assessment, screening for vision and hearing, and a dental assessment. Public Health staff will also seek to obtain a personal medical history for each child. A review for necessary immunizations will also be conducted and parents will be advised to have this done at the health centre, or by the child’s paediatrician. No immunization will be given at the time of screening.

Parents will be advised of the date for screening by the school and will be asked to indicate if they wish to be present. If a parent does not wish to have his/her child screened at school, parents must make their own arrangements.

In Cayman Brac, appointments for reception school entry screening can be made by contacting Public Health Nurse Nelsie Jones at Faith Hospital on 948-2243

For further information, please contact the School Health Coordinator, Joanna Rose-Wright on 244-2734/244-2648.

Please see attached Schedule for School Entry Screening

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