September 21, 2020

Health City saves American visitor to Grand Cayman


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Health City Patient Ric Walton (October 7, 2014) – Rapid responses from his family and the expert skills of the Health City Cayman Islands medical team are credited with saving the of an American tourist.

During their “dream” vacation, Ric Walton of Colorado was on a ferry boat to Stingray City with his family when he collapsed.

Fortunately, Mr. Walton’s son, a paramedic, administered CPR while his daughter-in-law started mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The boat returned to shore, where Mr. Walton was transferred to an ambulance that transported him to the Health City Cayman Islands facility.

Mr. Walton’s wife, Charlotte, who states that her husband had no pulse while on the vessel, has no doubt about what saved her husband’s life: “He had his son there who was trained and could respond appropriately, and secondly, this hospital was here with world class health care.”

Shomari Scott, Marketing Director of Health City Cayman Islands, lauded the Walton family’s quick reactions to their father’s emergency: “We are just so pleased to have been able to help these people quickly – and we are prepared to be of help to other visitors to our region.”

“Our skilled interventional cardiologists are trained to help patients faced with similar emergencies, and the Walton family and paramedic team did precisely the right thing by keeping those heart muscles going until our medical teams could take over,” Scott added.

“By quickly and efficiently administering the most proven medical technique, along with our state-of-the art equipment and professional staff, we were able to provide the necessary life-saving treatment,” stated Dr. , who attended to Mr. Walton upon his arrival at Health City.

“Health City was developed to help Cayman Islanders, our Caribbean neighbours and North Americans get high-quality, affordable medical care and destination healthcare, but we can obviously be of great service to those vacationing in our region as well,” Scott said.

As her husband was being discharged and preparing for the trip back to Colorado about 10 days ago, voiced her delight with their treatment and told the media Health City’s care went above and beyond her expectations.

The ultra-modern facility is staffed by highly experienced medical professionals but according to Mrs. Walton, Health City Cayman Islands has other, much older, healing touches:

“The people have been so kind and faithful,” said a teary-eyed Mrs. Walton. “They have not only given us good care but have prayed for us, for my husband, and that has been felt and we’ve just been very blessed.”

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