January 21, 2021

Health benefits of cleaning windows

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Window cleaning is always associated with the addition of value to the overall look of the home. What many don’t know is that window cleaning comes with many health benefits of its own. While most people avoid cleaning their windows (it is boring and mundane, after all!), what they don’t know is that they can fall prey to a lot of infections, allergies, and illnesses- just because the windows in their homes are dirty.  If you do not want to clean your own windows then you can hire a professional window cleaner at Helpling.

Let’s look at the health benefits of cleaning windows – this will surely ignite some motivation to start cleaning your windows right away.

Eliminate Allergens

You’re technically breathing in the dust that you see on your windows. If left unattended, this dust can simply convert into allergens of different kinds. And these allergens can cause headaches, colds, a runny nose, and itching in the eyes and skin as well. Moreover, you could also end up with nausea and fatigue. Incessant sneezing is another common consequence.

Most people are left wondering about the cause of these intense allergies. Despite many treatments and medicines, these allergies stay untreatable, simply because the reason- all this while- has been dirty windows!

Improving Air Quality

Doors and windows are the only sources of sunshine and fresh air in your home. But if your window screens are full of dust, how can you make sure the air entering your home is pure and not polluted? To make sure this does not happen, you have to keep cleaning your windows regularly. Poor indoor air quality is associated with a whole lot of health hazards and poses a risk to the human respiratory system.

Elimination of Mold

As ugly as mold looks, it is just as dangerous too. Now you may have a question – how can unclean windows lead to the development of mold in my home? Here’s the answer – mold loves moisture, and condensation in your windows can create a great breeding ground for mold. To know if your windows have been infested by mold already, check for the initial signs. The appearance of dark brown or black spots on your window are signs of mold. It may be impossible to detect mold if it grows inside the glass panes, but external mold is easily detectable. You can get rid of it if you clean your windows often.

Getting rid of mold on windows is not an easy task and is best left to the professionals. They will identify the mold spread and clean out every nook and corner of the window to eliminate the mold.

Summing Up

As mundane as window cleaning may seem, unclean windows can drastically affect the health of your family. To keep them safe and healthy, you need to have a regular window cleaning schedule. If you feel you do not have the time to clean windows (we know it’s a tedious, time-consuming task), the best way out is to opt for professional services. They are well equipped with the latest equipment and safe window cleaners to keep your windows spic and span.  And remember, you can find trusted professional window cleaners over at Helpling.

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