October 24, 2020

The What, Why and How of sales performance analysis


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Analysing a business’ sales data is perhaps one of the most important sales functions for any organization, yet it is also one of the most undervalues ones. However, it can significantly help in keeping your company stay on the right financial track through continuous monitoring of your sales performance in terms of where you currently stand and what you’ve currently achieved versus the goals that have yet to be realized. Doing so will help you avoid getting side-tracked by projects or tasks that aren’t doing anything that will boost you to your goals.

If you aren’t measuring your sales performance yet, you are certainly running the risk of missing the opportunity to identify key factors in your company that are affecting your financial and sales growth, as well as overall success. These factors include where your strengths lie within your products or services, which sales activities require more support or further polishing, and which activities are giving you the highest chances for future profitable growth.

To successfully perform a sales performance analysis, however, it’s crucial that you first understand what it truly is and why is it so vital for every business. A sales performance analysis is a method of determining where your business currently stands compared to where it wants to be. This method takes into consideration the industry business standards, performance, and other elements for comparison. They will help reveal where the gaps are in your business that have resulted in your current positioning versus where you wanted to be.

To learn more about sales performance analyses, why you should have them, and how you can conduct them, check out this infographic by Kona AU.

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