July 12, 2020

HE Speaks on Government Accountability


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HE civil service talkweb“We must keep trying to raise standards and reduce risks.…a reputation for integrity is critical, and is what will attract more people and investors to Cayman’s doors,” said His Excellency, the Governor Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE, to civil servants today (Thursday, 9 May, 2013).

Mr. Taylor shared his views during a “Lunch and Learn” session on good governance – part of a week of specialized talks organised by the Commissions Secretariat.

Noting that his role is to uphold Her Majesty’s interests, as well as the interests of the people of the Cayman Islands , the Governor explained that, while he has responsibility in the Constitution to promote good governance, he has “limited power to enforce” it and  relies generally on “efforts to influence public servants to do good”.

“We must reassure the public that government is not extravagant or corrupt. Good governance is about having clear, open, objective and transparent processes in place – and ensuring that they are followed,” added Mr. Taylor.  These values relate to staff appointments and procurement but apply in other areas, too.”

He also spoke of the importance of government developing business cases for major undertakings. Calling this “fundamental”, he said this was a key part of the procurement process which should encompass analysis, planning, competitive tendering, evaluation and monitoring.

Business cases, he added, should form the basis of government’s Invitations to Tender, and would ideally also be made public.

The presentation also covered the challenges relating to preventing conflicts of interest.  It concluded with a question and answer session for the civil servants present.


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