December 6, 2021

“He is risen”

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By Georgina Wilcox

The First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman’ s Sanctuary Choir were in their normal good form when they presented their Easter offering “He Is Risen” last Sunday (25th). This was an encore performance after the one on Friday (23).

It was a powerful presentation with strong singing and outstanding vocalists leading a number of the songs.

I counted forty choir members and under the superb direction of Pastor David Jorge they indeed rose to the challenge. They even performed two numbers without the piped orchestral accompaniments and this really showed how good the choir is.

I was very moved and tearful in places as the choir told the story in song of our Lord’s death and His rise.

As one of the church’s leaders there said it is only Christianity that can claim God sent his Son to take away our sins for eternity by dying on a cross.

That is why at Easter we celebrate He is Risen.

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