September 27, 2022

Happy Hobbits

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From Stuck In Customs

Hey, I thought I would mention Walter Productions, which is the production company behind our Burning Man camp. They do events all over the USA, so if you ever want to have a major blowout event, be sure to contact them!

There’s a short 1-minute video that I made while at the pyramids in Egypt to download at web site link below.


Hey for today’s photo, I decided to go a little HDR crazy. I hope that’s okay. I still do that on occasion, and it seems to suit the magical place where the hobbits live here in New Zealand. It’s now a very very touristy place, but I still recommend going there. You get enough time to snap photos and then head down to the hobbit’s pub and have some grog. I remember when we were here making the Lightroom tutorial and we stayed in that pub almost all night long. I think by the end, we each had a gallon of grog and the productivity spiraled down to about zero.

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