September 26, 2020

Hammocks for the outdoors


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Are you one of those great outdoor lovers who, at the slightest pretext, pack your bags and go off to a forest to be one with nature and wild animals? The last said creatures just may take a fancy to you and mistake you for its dinner if it were to find you deep in sleep on the ground.

Hammocks are what you want to dutifully pack along with your mug and plate. Camping is that much more safe and romantic when you lie down in your hammock and listen to John Denver or Lynyrd Skynyrd or whatever.

Hammocks have usually been a good accompaniment for a visitor to the wild but they were only utilized in day-time. Tie it up in the tress and you are good for some well-deserved nap. These days, however, you can use it in place of a tent which calls for some hard work.

There are a variety of hammocks in the market but which is thebest camping hammock? You are spoiled for choice, really.

Hammocks, in addition to providing a peaceful and deep slumber under the stars, spare you from the dirt that will stick on to you if you were to sleep on the forest ground. The crawlers are not likely to attempt crawl on to you!

You will be surprised at the way the stress you have presumably accumulated in the towns and cities before your depart dissipating completely. When you get up in the morning, you will feel as fresh as a daisy that blossomed only that morning.

A luxurious hotel room may offer you a good night’s sleep but that comes at a stiff price. A hammock in the wild, on the other hand, is almost free and the sleep is deeper.

Camping hammocks come in different sizes starting from 4 feet. You can get hammocks up to 8.5 feet wide. Two people can easily sleep on a hammock that is 7 feet wide.

A single occupant does not have to sleep on a very wide hammock unless he is fat beyond compare. Besides, it may wrap around you and make you uncomfortable.

Length is entirely for you to decide. If you are really tall, go for the 8 feet long hammock.

Do not compromise on quality by going for cheap hammocks. It is not going to be a pleasant experience to fall from a hammock on to the ground which, for all you know, may be waiting with some thorns and prick you in some juicy parts.

Hunt for a hammock that comes with a suspension system and carabiners. If you are not successful in getting one, you had better purchase them separately. The good old nylon ropes are good but so are webbing straps and synthetic tree slings.

There are hammocks that sell for $200 and there are some that you can buy for $60. While pricey things do not necessarily mean you get quality, it is advisable not to go for a very low-priced camping hammocks.

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