March 25, 2023

Haitian Ministry announces new Interim Prime Minister

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From teleSUR

New Haitian Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin. No date has been announced for when he begins responsibilities. | Photo: Ministry of Communication Haiti

Haiti’s Communication Ministry announced that Jean Michel Lapin was appointed as the interim Prime Minister of Haiti. This announcement follows the removal of the prime minister Monday.

The Ministry of Communication of the Republic of Haiti tweeted today that Jean Michel Lapin was appointed an interim president until the formation of a new government. No date for when he assumes the role has been communicated. 


Haiti: Lower House Votes to Remove Prime Minister

On Monday, 93 deputies out of 103 voted in favor of removing Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant. He has not yet left office, saying he was waiting for the final decision of the Senate.

Haiti has been going through a serious political and social crisis since Feb. 2019 with vast protests engulfing cities across the country. The majority of protesters are demonstrating against the lack of improvement in basic living conditions, for which the president has been blamed. Protestors are also denouncing a decrease in purchasing power and corruption.

Popular discontent was exacerbated by the publication in late January 2019 of a report by the Superior Court of Accounts on the disastrous management and possible diversions of nearly US$2 billion from the Petrocaribe fund, an assistance program offered to Haiti by Venezuela starting from 2008.

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