September 21, 2020

Haiti bus overturns in the Glace River


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Last Monday (18) a bus making the trip from Port-au-Prince-Jérémie overturned while trying to cross the river Glace, which was in flood. This happened close to Duchity, a commune of Pestel (Grand Anse)

The Department of Civil Protection said that the record is of 40 bodies recovered and 9 survivors, and that a team of the Civil Protection transferred the survivors to CYMED of Beaumont for necessary medical care. The rescue work is continuing.

The DPC has informed that until now the figures are not fully verified. A final assessment will be provided as soon as available.

Associated Press reported that Norman Wiener, an official from the Grand’Anse department, said the bus owner who collected money from the passengers told him that there were 27 people aboard and that only eight people are missing. Wiener said another 19 people survived.

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