November 28, 2020

Hackers hit Elections Office and iNews Cayman websites

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htaccess-hacker Hackers seemed to have been targeting Cayman websites over the past few days.

Over the past few weeks iNews Cayman’s website has had problems with re-directs via search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, going to a site advertising Viagra and other medical products. Then last Friday (1) whilst working on that problem the website was hit again with a real hammer blow.

No one could read any of our stories, including all back issues, as one click on them took you to that pesky Viagra site.

The rumour circulating our Islands that iNews Editor, Colin Wilson, was getting a Cayman dollar every time a redirect from ieyenews went to the Viagra site is not true.

Then someone hacked the Cayman Islands General Elections website ( sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The site showed a blank white screen with the title ‘Hacked By Riad’.

The hackers even left a comment “This website has been hacked by Team MaRoots”.

No Viagra so it must hViagra-Egypt-campaign-ave been someone different.

The Elections Office released the following statement:

“The Elections Office wishes to advise that at 9:00 P.M. on Monday 4th March an individual exploited a flaw in the countdown script that was being used on the website to replace the home page with one of his/her own.  No usernames or passwords were hacked or exposed.  The data that contains the register of electors is maintained in a location that is not publicly accessible outside of the web interface that is made available for electors to search this information.  The countdown counter has been disabled and the 3 files that were uploaded by the hacker has now been deleted.  All files were checked to ensure that none were modified in the past 24 hours.

“As to the Elections Office’s data base, which includes electors personal details, along with other data, this is all maintained on a stand alone platform with no outside link.”


However, none of this is funny. It is probably the work of some dateless, pimplefaced, snotnosed, hot pocket snarfing, script kiddie living in their mom’s basement as all of this is amateur hour stuff.

Amateur hour, but it takes a lot of professional hours to get rid of it.

So what does the person or people get out of it?


Are they sick?

Oh YES!!




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