October 31, 2020

Guyana; Wife brains splattered, daughter’s intestines dug-out, in grizzly murder


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By Shermon Hawker From

In what is described as one of the most shocking double murders to hit Berbice in recent times, a 40-year-old man freaked out and beat his wife in her head with a hammer until her brains matter began to pour out, before turning to his 20-year-old daughter, and carved out her intestines, thus handing both women a gruesome death.

The murder which occurred at the , New Amsterdam, has since placed family members on both sides of the line, on a quest to determine what could have lead to the once-quiet man to do such a thing, interestingly before taking his own life.

According to relatives, the man, Jainaram Seetaram, was going about his morning seemingly normal, at his 1078 Glasgow Housing Scheme home, with no one in the home having any suspicion or idea that the gruesome murder of two family members would in his plans.

And without any warning, relatives claimed that Seetaram armed himself with a hammer with which he smashed the skull of his wife of 22 years who was relaxing in a hammock, and his 20 years old daughter who was in the yard, before proceeding to perforate their already battered bodies with a knife.

When the Guyana Guardian arrived at the location, there were signs which indicated that the head of the wife, Bindomattie Seetaram, 38, was bashed in and her throat slashed, while her brain matter was oozing out of her skull.

The daughter, Surajdai Khan, 22, reportedly also sustained blows to her head and about her body by the hammer used by the now dead assailant, with portions of her intestines protruding as a result of a knife used by the man.

The killer, after he had finished the horrible act, quickly escaped before neighbors or police could have apprehended him.

Neighbors vehemently lamented that when the police came, they didn’t make much of an effort to pursue the killer, and it was up to residents to give chase, but when they found the man, he was already dead.

He was found with a rope tied around his neck, and is believed to have taken his own life.

The lawmen, they said, were “guarding the dead (standing by at the house of the deceased) and could have prevented another death,” opining that if they had attempted to locate him sooner, the killer would not have had the chance to commit suicide.

Relatives who were gathered at the scene of the incident told this publication that they do not know of any conflict between the couple, and that they’re in total shock as to what could have caused the man to end the lives of his loved ones.

The only contention was that he was unemployed for an extended period of time and had become frustrated.

His father-in-law Mohanlal Behari, 65, told the Guardian that he had visited the house this morning to milk the cows reared in the back of the yard, while Seetaram was seen eating a tennis roll.

Behari said he left, but returned about two hours after only to see a crowd gathered in front of his daughter’s home.

Fearing that something was amiss, his worst expectations came into being when he entered the yard and saw the battered body of his daughter in the hammock.

Her 20-year-old daughter was already rushed to the hospital, but didn’t make it there alive.

Omawattie Behari, 58, and grandmother of the murdered women, further told the Guyana Guardian that her 11-year-old grandson ran over to her house and screamed out to her to come to his mother and sister’s aid, since his father was assaulting them with a hammer.
In tears, the woman said she rushed to get there, and was asked to accompany her granddaughter to the hospital in a car which was waiting in front of the yard.

With her bloodied clothes, she tearfully related how the blood from her granddaughter was gushing out, and it was clear that she would not make it.

The 11-year-old grandson, who witnessed the deaths of his sister and mother at the hands of his father, who appeared to be traumatized by the incident, had recently concluded the Common Entrance Examinations, and his mother will not be here to see his results, his grandmother said.

He is the sole survivor of the family of four.

Police are actively investigating the incident.

For more on this story go to: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/wife-brains-splattered-daughters-intestines-dug-grizzly-murder/

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