April 21, 2021

Guyana votes against Africa’s 2026 World Cup bid

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By Wonita Stephens -July 3, 2018 From Guyana Guardian

03 June 2018 – Guyana was among the more than 135 nations that opted not to vote for the African nation of Morocco in their bid to host the World Cup in 2026.

Instead, Guyana joined with almost all of their Caricom counterparts to see that the 2026 World Cup is held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which will make it the first tri-nation World Cup Soccer tournament in history.

Even several African countries, who were previously united prior to the vote, created confusion among themselves after eleven of the same African nations unexpectedly switch-out and throw their votes behind the North American bid.

In the end, Morocco, which forms an integral part of the African continent’s connection to the Middle East only ended up with 65 votes, less than half of the North America numbers.

Though symbolic, observers have long pointed out that Morocco did not stand a chance in a vote against the United States alone, much less one with the inclusion of Canada and Mexico, the latter who had already successfully hosted two previous World Cups.

But if it had won, Morocco would have became the second African nation after Sourh Africa to host the World Cup.

The African continent had long complained that it is the only landmass on Earth where the World Cup was only held once, and where FIFA levels of the game is least played.

Previous World Cup bids by a handful of other African nations in the past were either rejected or low voted, thus working out to a lost bid in each instance.

Many believe that it would have still been zero for the continent, if the late Nelson Mandela did not lend his voice to South Africa’s bid which saw the global soccer event successfully held there for the first and only time (so far) in 2010.

For more on this story go to: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/guyana-votes-africa-2026-world-cup-bid/

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