September 22, 2020

Guyana powerlifters coming to Cayman Islands


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Guyana’s powerlifters are in for a busy second half of 2012 as the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) has earmarked four international events, including one on Grand Cayman, that it plans to attend from July to November.





These events include the North American Regional Tournament of the Americas from July 24-29 in the Cayman Islands;

the South American Powerlifting Championships from August 15-19 in Cali, Colombia;

the World Masters Championships from October 2-9 in Killeen, Texas, USA;

and the World Open Championships from October 29-November 4 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

The lifters identified for these championships are Vijai Rahim (59kg Class); ‘Big’ John Edwards (120kg Class); Winston Stoby (74kg Class); Randolph Morgan (83kg Class); and Dawn Barker (84kg Class).Guyana’s traditional attendance at NAPF Regional has been reduced to one lifter this year as the Federation, in an effort to make maximum use of its limited financial resources, will be placing emphasis on giving the various categories of athletes an opportunity to represent Guyana at different events on the international stage. Berbician Rahim, a double Gold medalist in the 59kg Junior and Open category at this year’s Caribbean Championships in the US Virgin Islands in March-April, is this year’s nominee to the prestigious event, featuring the best of North America and the Caribbean.
He is expected to be accompanied by two officials- a referee and delegate- to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Symposium. The two officials will participate in a scoring seminar.

President of the GAPF, Peter Green, and World Master’s 120kg Bronze medallist, Edwards, will be making Guyana’s maiden appearance at the South American Powerlifting Championships in Colombia in August in keeping with a mandate of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), which has decreed that Guyana must participate.

Edwards will be taking his Referee (Category II) Exams for international certification, as well as warm up for the World Masters by participating in the Masters Category of this event.

Green will be using the opportunity to lobby, amongst other things, for a future South American Championships to be held in Guyana as early as possible. The GAPF, through a press release, said that national lifters desirous of participating at this event and are financially independent are welcome to attempt qualifying totals for selection by guest lifting at the GAPF July meet.

At the World Masters Championships in October, Edwards and current 74kg M2 World Deadlift record holder and 2012 Caribbean Gold medallist, Winston Stoby, will be spearheading a team of national lifters to be selected from the Claude Charles Masters Powerlifting Championships, slated for July 1.

Lifters based in the USA and Canada will also be vying for places on the national team to Texas.
In the final international event of the year for the GAPF, top athletes Morgan and Barker have been identified to attend the World Open Championships in Puerto Rico in October.

Powerlifting is one of the disciplines to be contested in the World Games 2013 billed for Cali, Colombia, and this year’s Championships will be used as the qualifier with the top ten placed lifters in each weight class going through.
With the aim of getting all the selected lifters in top condition ahead of these championships, the GAPF will host a series of local events, including the Intermediates in July; the Claude Charles Masters Memorial in July; the inaugural Unequipped (Raw) Championships in September; and the Senior National Open in December.

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