September 20, 2021

Guyana: Police ranks beaten, force vehicle damage during gun-play in Kingston

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By Wonita Stephens From Guyana Guardian
A police press release that was sent out this afternoon stated that two ranks who went to a Battery Road, Kingston location to investigate a report of simple larceny, were abused and assaulted by a businessman.

On their way to the area, they stopped an approaching ATV, and was making some inquiries pertaining to its use, since it had no number plates.

The police missive further explained that three individuals came forward in a car and proceeded to obstruct and assault the police ranks, resulting in the ATV driver escaping with the vehicle.

In the process, one of the businessmen took out a gun, threatened the ranks and fired several shots in the air. The men also caused damage to the police vehicle which is now without a functioning rear-light.

The businessmen then got back into their vehicle and sped away.

The assaulted ranks then alerted their superiors who put out an APB resulting in the businessmen being cornered a second time by a patrol unit.

A search was then carried out on the vehicle and the driver, which unearthed a gun with five live rounds.

When questioned the businessman produced a license for his weapon but got back into his car and drove away from the scene, leaving the police, the weapon, and his accomplice behind.

The police said that the businessman was only arrested this morning when he turned up at the Brickdam Police Station.

One police rank has since told this publication that it is widely known that the businessman has connections with three senior officers (names withheld) within the police force and had called one of them during the confrontation in Kingston.

Hence, ranks were simply afraid of arresting him last night, even though the man had damaged a police vehicle and assaulted a police rank at the scene.

The businessman and his accomplice are said to still be in custody up to 3pm today.

It remains unclear as to whether the duo was granted bail.

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