October 28, 2020

Guyana: Millions in losses as fireman crashes into Berbice Building


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Firemen that are attached to the Guyana Fire Service are seemingly on a “Fast-and-Furious” or a “crashing-into-buildings” spree this month.

This may be the case, since, in less than a few hours after one fireman drove a fire tender into a daycare building on the West Coast of Demerara, his colleague in Berbice apparently decided to compete by racing a car at high speed into a mall in Berbice.

But this time, the fireman damaged more than just the mall building.

The Guyana Guardian was told that the speed-racer (name withheld) also crashed into a minibus among other things, leaving several million dollars in damages as a result.

A source at the J&N Mall, at Main and Trinity Street, where the incident occurred, told this publication that a glass door, an entire shed, and several articles inside of the mall were damage and would have to be replaced.

The car which was said to have been borrowed from a friend, is also badly damaged, and may cost several hundred thousand dollars to be repaired.

While no one seems to understand what could have caused the fireman to drive into the mall, a friend of the accused claimed that he was tired and may have inadvertently decided to take a nap at the wheel.

However, the police do not seem to be buying that theory, and is therefore, conducting an extensive investigation into the incident.

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