September 22, 2021

Guyana: Man murdered after intervening in husband and wife story

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By Carlos Moore From Guyana Guardian

Police say that on Sunday night, at around 11:45pm, 48-year-old Godfrey Phillip was in the process of closing his rum shop, when a man and his reputed wife, who happens to be Phillip’s neighbour, were engaged in a heated argument.

Eyewitnesses say that Phillip then intervened, and chastised the man for his behaviour towards the woman. However, the suspect of Pike Street, Sophia, became enraged, pulled out a 7-inch knife and stabbed Phillip in the abdomen.

The now-shuttered shop in Sophia where Godfrey Phillip was murdered by his friend last night

Relatives of the dead man explained that Phillip and the man, who escaped from the scene and later turned himself over to the police, were friends for a number of years. On the night of the stabbing, eyewitnesses say that the killer and his wife were drinking at the shop, but was later seen quarrelling.

“De man walk up to he and seh man it late and it not looking good. Yal go inside and try sort out yal problems. All of a sudden he turn and tell Godfrey you can’t do me nun and bap he stab him in he stomach.” A neighbour said.

The wife of the deceased, Sabrina Phillip explained that it was her niece who woke her and informed her of her husband’s demise. “She came and said aunty Uncle dead”.

“When I meet to the hospital and open the body bag, he eye de open and he mouth and I just start crying.” The wife recounted.

The assailant reportedly told police that he was under heavy influence of alcohol when he stabbed his longtime friend, who was just advising him on his marital issues.

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