(Opinion) – The picture attached to this article is that of Angelique Williams, a cold-blooded murderer who killed her best friend and a baby that was still being nurtured in its mother’s womb.

She killed her best friend in 2015 by mercilessly stabbing her 22 times, setting a record as one of the most brutal female-to-female murders in the entire Caribbean, and by extension, one of the regions cruellest cases of violent feticide by another female.

On Friday the 2nd November 2018, she was granted parole after serving no more than a year in prison, while it was reported that her lawyer has been screaming that ‘she deserved a second chance’ (sic).

For 99% of this population, and based upon the volume of emails that I have received yesterday in connection with this matter, it is fair to agree that the trial judge, the members of the Parole Board, the Minister of Public Security, and her attorney should pray that the other side of the powers of divinity or spiritual Karma does not pay them a visit, for they all knew what they were doing from the beginning.

The public also knows a lot of things, all of which will eventually find its way on to social media and into the conscience of those that are guilty of disgracing the essence of justice.

It is interesting to note that at the time of that murder, this young woman was said to be connected to a certain person who is a prominent figure and whom I would not name at this time,– but I can assure you that more than a hundred people in Guyana know who it is. Three of them promised me in an email yesterday to expose that person and reveal more than the public is bargaining for as it relates to this case. But that’s their choice.

The Parole Board along with the Minister and his cronies have a lot of explaining to do, none of which the public will believe – I can guarantee you that.

Anyhow, for those who cannot recall what happened after Ms Williams had murdered her friend and her unborn baby, I will just recap in two short paragraphs what had followed.

Of course, she was charged with murder, appeared before a magistrate and then was committed to stand trial in the High Court.

After quickly bypassing a long list of other people who have been waiting for years for a trial, she was rushed before Justice (name withheld), a High Court Judge that subsequently handed down the lowest sentence for a manslaughter charge in his entire career. He gave her just eight years in jail. But before she could have completed a calendar year she was somehow released by a parole board that usually takes as much as five years to consider the cases of others.

How the FU*CK did that happen? No one seems to know.

But to help you to piece it together, I will list only three of 8 unusual occurrences here, and will leave the other 5 them out for now because I do not want to expose a certain source that had provided all of the dirty linen in this case.

1 – The young lady was able to bypass several people who are waiting for as long as 5 years for a trial, and somehow get to appear before a judge in way less time.

2 – Justice (name withheld) is the same judge that is known for sentencing other people to 25 and more years in jail for manslaughter but somehow, he managed to give this young lady just 8 years in prison, while making her eligible for parole after she admitted to gruesomely killing her best friend and an unborn baby, by stabbing them 22 times.

3 – The young lady was able to walk out of prison just about a year from the date of her sentenced ironically on parole, while there are many other people with manslaughter convictions that are waiting over five years to be heard, and certainly for much longer before her.

But I will tell you what; when certain people in high-society are screwing a young girl, and is madly in love with them, they will do anything to let them walk free, even if it means corrupting the hallways of justice.

The poor and underprivileged now has another lesson in their books to take note of.

If you are to ask me, I personally believe that the trial was a cook-up trial, and that a third hand was deeply involved.

We know that the US and the UK remain steadfast that there are people in Guyana’s Judiciary who are deeply corrupt. They have alleged that collusion and pre-approve corrupt arrangements are a common doing that goes all the way up to those that hold political offices. If what I believe is true, then I now have another reason to believe them.

If that is not the case then I guess that it will be more than acceptable for anyone in Guyana to just go out there and make sure you stabbed someone and a baby fetus to death for more than 20 times, say yes I did it so what, and then the Parole Board will say yes you are a good guy and release you just before the oil starts pumping in 2020.

SMFH. What a pathetic and corrupt justice system.

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