April 23, 2021

Guyana; “Dem lef we in it bai”, says Kwakwani residents

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By Allan Watkins From Guyana Guardian

Despite promises from the administration to take steps aimed at effectively addressing the flooding situation in Kwakwani, many residents are claiming that enough is not being done to remedy their plight.

In the words one elderly man, “Dem lef we in it bai”; – referring to his belief that they are being abandoned by the authorities.

Several Residents who are living in the Berbice River community, have over the past two weeks been suffering tremendously from high tides, which eventually flooded the community.

Many have left in distress after losing thousands of dollars in cash crops, as well as life stocks to the 9 feet water, while stressing that this has been the first time since such a predicament has happened.

For those who have chosen to remain, there seem to be no end in sight to their plight.

Residents have told this publication that the massive flooding situation had resulted from a high tide, which started in early June. She stated that the water had initially drained out, but as they thought that their predicament was over, the flooding situation began to haunt them again from early July and has since gotten worst.

One Church Elder, Randy Williams explained to the Guyana Guardian that presently four Churches cannot be open for worship because of the state they are in.

He said that the current situation is only creating more burden on persons, since transportation, groceries and other necessities to survive, have gotten expensive. “Cost of living gone up,” he stressed.

The man disclosed that both the farming and fishing actives for which Kwakwani is known, had ceased due to the rising water level.

When this publication visited the area two days ago, a vehicle and a shop were seen almost covered with water.

Persons living in low houses were evidently forced to pack their furniture and other household items on makeshift structures to save them from being submerged.

“This is disgusting, every morning you wake up and come off your bed your feet in the water,” another resident lamented.

The government had long explained that a number of measures are being put in place to remedy the situation.

But according to the affected residents, the authorities seem to be lacking any real solution to the problem, which they believe will only be remedied when nature decides it is time to leave them alone.

For more on this story go to: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/deh-lef-bai-says-kwakwani-residents/

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