January 28, 2022

Guyana: Corrupt cop pressures granny to drop court case – ask for $40,000

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By Alleya Hamilton From Guyana Guardian

A policeman whose name has been given as Constable Joel Samuels from the Kuru Kururu Police Station is being accused of harassing and intimidating an old woman (name withheld) to drop a case against a man whose car had struck her grandson, leaving him in a medically challenged state.

The man, Orville Hinds, is currently before the courts after he had crashed head-on into the teen, who cannot speak or hear.

The accident which occurred at Kuru Kururu last year has since kept the teen mostly at home, since the severity of news injuries are inundated with migraines and numerous other issues almost every day.

To add insult to injury, the policeman is asking the old woman to give him $40,000 to help settle the story with Hinds, claiming that her grandson can be in trouble because the accident has left Hind’s car with a damaged windscreen, among other things.

While the old woman does not understand how come the police could have directed her to pay money to the person who is charged, when he was the one who crashed into her grandson, she told the Guyana Guardian that with her current situation, she cannot even raise $5,000 to give to the policeman, much less to find $40,000.

She is now in a state of despair and does not know where to turn or who to turn to since the policeman allegedly told her that the case has nowhere to go.

It remains unclear as to whether the accused and the policeman are friends, or if he had received an inducement to pressure the old woman drop the matter.

What is sure is that the elderly woman is not in a position to raise the $40,000 that she is required to pay over soon.

As a result, she is asking the relevant authorities or any member of the legal profession to look into her situation with some degree of urgency.

The matter is being called regularly at the Providence Magistrate’s Court, But to date, no trial has been held, while the accused remains on bail and usually does not come to court.

It is also understood that despite Orville Hinds non-attendance, no warrant was ever issued for his arrest.

Considering all of this the old woman says that she sincerely believes that her grandson will not get any justice.

For more on this story go to: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/corrupt-cop-pressures-granny-to-drop-court-case-ask-for-40000/

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