March 21, 2023

Gov’t to combine GIS, Radio Cayman and TV

Lord-Michael-Hastings-interviewFrom Loop Cayman

Following the recommendations of the E& Y report, the government has decided to combine the Government Information Service (GIS), Radio Cayman and the Government Television as one unit as it seeks to reform its own media.

According to Radio Cayman News this moves comes in the wake of privatization and reform in the government that will see the reduction of the civil service and general government expenditure.

Earlier the Premier Alden had earlier indicated that he was not going to sell Radio Cayman as one of the reforms that has been recommended by the government.

Speaking this week the Premier said through the report we have received professional advice in the form of 55 recommendations as to how the Government’s objectives can be achieved.

a69324b5242b8b7b590e9dfc5a2734c7_400x400“I will also reiterate that before we take any decisions about privatisation, amalgamation or restructuring, this Administration will have to be convinced that any action Cabinet takes will be in the best interest of ALL the Caymanian people. Unfortunately there are some interests that believe the objective of Government should be to improve their position in the private sector. That isn’t the case at all,” he has said.

“But I want to reiterate here that the final decisions coming out of the report will be made by the Cabinet and Caucus. Many of you will know that Government has not adopted the Report wholesale; there are some items contained in the document that we agree with, some that will be modified, some recommendations are already under way and some with which we will not be able to agree,” he added.

GISEY was commissioned by the Deputy governor in April 2014 to examine opportunities for Government rationalisation and commercialization. The Phase V Review of the Public Service hopes to undertake a strategic review of public service and current market conditions for the feasibility of implementing previous recommendations provided in internal and external reports.

The governments also seeks to review the number of bespoke government entities to identify opportunities to streamline government’s structure, reduce operational costs, and improve public service.

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