August 18, 2022

Governor visits East End

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Cayman Islands Governor visits East End

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Anwar Choudhury, toured East End attractions and places of interest in the company of the Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson and the district’s MLA Hon. Arden McLean.

The tour on Friday, 13 April 2018 started off with a visit to the Blow Holes, led by East End resident and Blow Holes tour guide Mr. Alan Ebanks.

The party then visited the district’s eldest resident Mrs. Stella Welcome at her home. The 102-year-old chatted companionably with the Governor before the pair went for a bracing stroll along Seaview Road.
The visit with the former community activist ended with her inviting Mr. Choudhury to visit again soon.

The party then made a stop at the cabana across from the United Church. The Governor spoke to residents there including Mr. Evelyn McLaughlin. As one of the owners of the Winters Land Cistern, he took the group to see Grand Cayman’s largest fresh water lens.

The visit to the inland feature involved walking across ironshore through a large and shady copse of ancient mahogany and ironwood. The Governor commented on the natural beauty of the site and the MLA explained what an invaluable resource the body of water continues to be to the island, and to the livelihood of East End residents in particular.

The trip to the water lens was followed by a short stopover to Mr. McLaughlin’s 40-acre pasture land. The group talked about the uses of the trees in past years and the Governor wondered about the practicability of commercially-growing mahogany in the Cayman Islands.

The Governor, Mr. Manderson and Mr. McLean next toured the Wreck of the Ten Sails tourist attraction site. While they looked out at the maritime attraction, the MLA recounted the history of the legendary English ship and explained plans for the future development of the land with a visitors’ centre and cabanas.

The tour ended with a lunch at Vivienne’s Kitchen, in the company of several of the district’s leading civic and business representatives.

Residents enjoyed full and frank discussions with the Governor over Caymanian dishes, while the Governor in turn spoke about his priorities such as increasing security measures including cracking down on residential and drug crimes.

He also spoke about valuing the unique character of the Cayman Islands and protecting it.

One invited guest, Ms Carmen Conolly, gave a homemade thatched hat to the Governor along with a thatched bag she made for Mrs. Choudhury.


Captions and pictures by Elphina Jones, GIS
GovEETour1: The Governor experienced the full force of the East End Blow Holes.
GovEETour1b: Blow Holes tour guide Alan Ebanks spoke to the Governor about the force of the natural attraction.
GovEETour5: The Governor met 102-year-old East End resident Mrs. Stella Welcome during his tour of East End in the company of the Deputy Governor and the district’s MLA Arden McLean last Friday.
GovEETour7: (L-r): East End MLA Arden McLean and Evelyn McLaughlin discussed the significance of the Winters Land Cistern with the Governor during his tour of the district last Friday.
GovEETour11: East End MLA Arden McLean outlined plans for the development of the Wreck of the Ten Sails site to the Governor.
GovEETour12: The Governor at the plaque commemorating the Wreck of the Ten Sails in East End.
GovEETour15: The Governor met East End residents to talk about issues of local and national significance during lunch at Vivienne’s Kitchen.

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