October 24, 2020

Governor meets with Chief Officers


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GovernorMinutes of Deputy Governor and Chief Officer’s Meeting

28th October 2013

Attendees: HE the Governor; Deputy Governor; Ms. Jennifer Ahearn; Mr. Ian Fenton; Mr. Stran Bodden; Mr. Samuel Rose; Ms. Dorine Whittaker; Mr. Alan Jones; Ms. Jacqueline Wilson; Mr. Eric Bush; Dr. Dax Basdeo; Mr. Kenneth Jefferson; Ms. Cheryl Richards; Mrs. Mary Rodrigues; Mrs. Sonia McLaughlin

Apologies: Mrs. Gloria McField-Nixon; Mr. Kevin McCormac

1.   Welcome

The Deputy Governor welcomed everyone and prayer was offered.

2.   Formal Approval of Minutes

The September 30 meeting minutes were approved by all attendees for circulation.

3.   Matters Arising from the Minutes

The Deputy Governor acknowledged the progress made in completing performance assessments and agreement. He requested that Chief Officers ensure 100% completion of assessments and agreements.

The new template for the Deputy Governor’s Award nomination form was also discussed.

4.   Brief Remarks by Her Excellency the Governor

HE the Governor extended her thanks to the Deputy Governor for the invitation to attend the CO’s Meeting. She recognized the work being done to improve accountability across the Service and emphasized the importance of holding Staff accountable for their performance. She also emphasized the importance of being politically neutral and that she expected everyone to perform their duties in such a way that ensures that their political neutrality is not compromised.

5.   Presentation by Deloris Gordon –  Internal Audit

The presentation given by Mrs. Gordon provided Chief Officers with a background on the role of the Internal Audit Unit (IAU) and ways in which the Unit can assist Chief Officers. It was noted that the IAU supports Chief Officers in their good governance role. The various ways in which Chief Officers can support the work of the IAU were also discussed.

The Deputy Governor encouraged Chief Officers to utilize the services of the IAU, as they work to improve the performance of the Civil Service.

6.   Civil Servants Attendance at Pirates Week Heritage Days

It was collectively decided that one extra hour would be added to civil servants’ lunch hours in order to accommodate attendance at their respective heritage days.

7.   Matters Arising from Finance Committee

The Deputy Governor offered thanks and appreciation to all Chief Officers and Staff for their assistance during Finance Committee.

8.         Any Other Business

. Voluntary Separation Process – The deadline for submission to CO’s is on October 31st, 2013.

. DG’s Award –Staff are now eligible to nominate individuals.

. JMC Briefing Notes – The deadline is November 1st, 2013.

. Healthcare Conference – 600 people have been registered.

. Heroes Day – Over 100 nominations have been received.

. Crime Reduction Strategy – Recommendations need to be actioned.

. Rules Made by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly regarding attendance at the LA – CO McLaughlin requested for a copy of these rules to be circulated to all CO’s.

. Move of Department of Children & Family Services – The move from Britcay House to Commerce House has been approved and will commence shortly.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm


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