September 18, 2020

Governor Addresses LA


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With the 2012-13 session of the Legislative Assembly ushered in through the customary proclamation, His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE, told MLAs that the Throne Speech would not be presented today (Wednesday, 27 June) to accommodate the ongoing budget finalisation process.

This is what he said:

“Madam Speaker, Hon. Premier, Hon. Ministers and Members-

Traditionally, the Throne Speech marks the formal start of the new Parliamentary session.

“The Speech, among other things, sets the tone for debates on the government’s legislative agenda as well as setting out the social and economic priorities of the government.

“As you are all aware there are ongoing efforts and negotiations to arrive at an agreed 2012/13 budget. In the absence of a final budget it would not be possible to use this morning’s occasion to outline the government’s goals and intentions for the new Parliamentary session.

“It has been agreed therefore that an interim budget will be presented to the House with a view to using the intervening period to finalise the substantive full year budget.

“Once this has been achieved, I will return to deliver the Throne Speech for the Parliamentary session as informed by the full budget.”

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