September 25, 2022

Government improving IT capacity

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ITGRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – The Ministry of Home Affairs has released a Request for Proposal for consultancy services that will look to create and implement a Strategic Governance Framework for the Computer Services Department (CSD). This request follows the report produced by Deloitte, which was commissioned in March earlier this year to conduct an Information Technology (IT) Assessment and create a Four Year Strategic Plan of the Department.

The key objectives of the sought consultancy services are to:

Develop and implement an IT governance model.

Establish a Project Management Office

Align CSD to the business objectives of the Government.

A strategic planning framework.

Chief Officer Eric Bush said his Ministry had concerns about the Computer Services Department when it came under the remit of the Ministry of Home Affairs in June 2013. “As an end user, I did not believe CSD were providing the level of service required. When we were given Ministerial responsibility of CSD, it was our priority to identify the source issues that were causing this end result. I believe the assessment provided by Deloitte gives us a good road map to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of CSD.”

The goal of CSD is to satisfy the business needs of Government.

The successful bidder of the open tender process will create and implement a suitable governance framework for the IT objectives of the Cayman Islands Government. This will take into account the business needs of its customers and allow CSD to become a strategic partner in the delivery of Government Services.

The four-year plan, created by Deloitte, calls for an IT strategy and roadmap to be developed to give CSD a clear baseline to assist its stakeholders in achieving their goals and objectives.

The key recommended deliverables are:

Strengthen the relationship management with your customers and stakeholders;

Strengthen quality assurance management;

Improve service management;

Improve project management;

Improve customer-focused strategic planning.

“We first need to establish ‘What’ CSD should be doing before making a decision on ‘How’ they are going to do it.” Bush stated. “This is the work for which we are now tendering.”

The Deloitte assessment complements the recently released EY rationalization report, which recommends outsourcing IT services. The Deloitte report takes into consideration outsourcing some aspects of IT to right-size the department, which allows technology investments to be leveraged across the organization. Other sourcing options are to recruit permanent, in house staff to ongoing positions; engage specialist staff in the short to medium term; or engage independent professional services.

Regardless of whether CSD delivers the service itself, or it is outsourced, a proper governance framework is necessary; even more so in an outsourced environment.

The deadline for tender submissions is noon Friday, 24 October, 2014.

A copy of the proposal Tender MHA/14-15/002 may be requested by email from the Ministry of Home Affairs at [email protected].




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