July 29, 2021

Government employees become more “agile”

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Agile Project MgtA multi-disciplinary group of 30 government employees from eight departments and two Ministries are currently receiving training in fundamental project-management principles and practices. The Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs (PIE) is hosting the training entitled: “Agile Project Management” from February 18-22.

The US-based company “Agile Transformation” is facilitating the training. They are experts in this field and deliver training and coaching to employees in Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

The project management strategies and techniques that Agile teach promote the concepts of collaboration, improved efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction, which are all in congruence with the Portfolio’s philosophy and strategic plan.

The overarching framework supports a wide range of projects of all sizes and levels of complexity, and it is especially suited to fast-paced projects that are technology based.

There is a great deal of flexibility as these strategies and techniques can be blended with existing management priorities, with the new processes applied as relevant. A key component is short project-delivery deadlines – usually within weeks  – and for greater value when compared to traditional methods.

PIE Chief Officer Eric Bush explained that a cross-section of staff from key CIG agencies including Public Works Department, Computer Services Department, and the Ministry of Finance were invited to join his own staff for the seminar.

“This training will provide our managers and those from other essential agencies with best-practice knowledge and skills in this area. Furthermore, it will increase their capacity to meet the various requirements of the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility (FFR),” he said.

Mr. Bush added that the Agile method targets essential skills for civil servants, including teamwork, transparency and good communication, and it empowers and inspires staff to deliver outstanding results to customers.

PIE’s Chief Financial Officer, Vinton Chinsee, noted the emphasis on the training’s practical application: “While participants will review theory, three-quarters of this training requires them to engage in practical, hands-on exercises using current Government projects. As a result, upon completion, they will fully-appreciate how and when to apply the new methods.”


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