July 29, 2021

Gold for Kendall in Florida

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Kendall Ebanks. Photo by Tracey Seymour

West Bay boxer Kendall Ebanks returned to Cayman yesterday – with a gold medal draped around his neck.

The light welterweight took part in the Golden Gloves Tournament in Florida and came back victorious after two thumping victories.

Twenty-one year old Kendall can now continue his Olympic dream as he hopes to represent Cayman in London this summer.

If he can secure much needed sponsorship, Kendall will travel to the Dominican Republic next month to take part in the Independence Cup.

Firday 13th proved to be an unlucky day for Daniel Fernandez when he stepped into the ring to face Kendall in his opening bout.

The Florida boxer was no match for Ebanks and victory was never in doubt when the final bell sounded in the third.

On Sunday he faced Dustin Arnold of St Petersberg in the final and Kendall really came into his own.

Growing in both stature and ability, Arnold was knocked to the canvass twice in the second round. Gold was heading to Cayman.

Kendall said: “I felt I fought much better in the final. I knew I had to step up and I did. I seemed to get better the longer the tournament went on.”

More than 100 boxers took part in the Golden Gloves which was hailed a huge success by organiser Mark Streisand.

And he had special mention for our very own Kendall.

Mark said: “The tournament was a huge success and Kendall fought very well. At the registration beforehand my wife met Kendall and was extremely impressed with him.

“He was courteous, professional and really made an impression. He was a credit to Cayman and we wish him all the best for the future.”

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