December 6, 2021

Glenn Jackson [proposed screenplay]

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The late Glenn Jackson, former press secretary and personal aide to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

By Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green, 21/05/2020

I am writing a screenplay about the death, and alleged assassination of Glenn Jackson, one of the main features in the play will be the wrongful arrest and trial of Francis Williams.

I believe Mr. Williams was used to keep the hounds from getting a real whiff of the actual perpetrators. 

Would anyone who knows the whereabouts of Francis Williams please ask him to contact me as his input and version of the matter is extremely important.

I want to share the revenue from the film rights with him for sharing his story with me for the manuscript.

Anyone else with inside information about the Glenn Jackson death will be awarded, subject to credibility and usability, points in the project, which may be worth a substantial amount of money if the manuscript becomes a film.

I may be contacted at   [email protected] 

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