October 19, 2020

Glamour and glitz at the Ritz


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The perfect combination of a classic look with fun and sexy Caribbean style characterize the La Femme fashion show.

It was time to dress up like a Movie star at the Ritz Carlton, with plenty of gorgeous gowns and sexy and sophisticated little black dresses at the La Femme fashion show put on by Silver Rain retail store.

The look was classic, only with a sassy, up-to-date modern touch.

Cameras snapped and flashed. Each of the 12 models – either volunteers from the Ritz Carlton staff, or from Silver Rain’s friends and clients, looked as graceful as a Hollywood goddess as they flew and floated down the runway, shimmering like pieces of gossamer caught in a moonbeam.

Silver Rain’s Danielle Man, who organised the show explained that it was the fine touches that made the dresses, and their accessories, so stunning:

“The beading is very different because it does not get caught on the fabric – it just gives that little touch to make the dress special,” she said.

“The dresses are very famous among Hollywood celebrities, people like Salma Hayek, and Taylor Swift, the
country singer.”

Ms Man had selected each outfit carefully, with a distinctly Caribbean flavour: “I wanted to bring in pieces that would be very appropriate for the Caribbean. I wanted to get very colourful and lively, happy dresses with light fabrics like silk and chiffon.

“With the black dresses, I just wanted to bring a different kind of dress that would look stunning on anybody, and would be very flattering for any type of body – the perfect combination between classic and sexy.”

Photos by: Christopher Tobutt

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