October 25, 2020

Gifts for the elderly


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Finding gifts for the elderly gets frustrating because we tend to think that by now older folks have everything they need. Coming up with elderly gift ideas is easy, if you’re willing to put some thought into the process.

Thinking about the recipient really is key to coming up with elderly gift ideas. Start by considering the person’s age and gender. Consider how the individual likes to spend his or her time. Is she always tinkering around in the garden? Is he always up at the crack of dawn playing golf? Get the picture?

Once you’ve sized up the person, the perfect gift might immediately pop into your mind. If so, then all you’ve got left to do is get the gift, wrap it and deliver it. If you’re still having trouble consider turning to the Internet for help. Start by firing up your search engine and searching on the term, elderly gift ideas. If that produces too many results, take the information you’ve gathered from the thinking process and narrow your search.

For example, if the person you’re buying a gift for is a golfer, type in ‘golf gift ideas.’ Within seconds you’ll have gifts that are obvious, but you’ll also have many more that you probably never even considered e.g. golf-themed gift basket, or a all-inclusive golf travel package, or wacky golf ball sets that include balls that explode and golf balls that disappear into thin air after they’re hit!

So rather than thinking what your 72-year old uncle could possibly still need, refocus your thinking on what activities your uncle enjoys.

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