June 20, 2021

Gift Ideas for the friends you miss hanging out with

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Friendship parties fill us with energy, happiness, and faith in the best. And although you have known these people for many years, it’s nevertheless challenging to think of how you can surprise the person this time. 

After all, you want to make an excellent gift as you hang out with friends. We thought and compiled a list of the best gifts for those with whom you have fun, enjoy life, and create cool memories.

A Horizontal Hookah

Now online stores can offer comfortable and stylish hookah at an affordable price. Its main feature is its compactness and practicality, and the original design with built-in lighting will not leave anyone indifferent. Ideal for both beginners and pros alike — thick smoke and bright flavor are guaranteed.

A Surprise Box

You think that wrapped gifts in gift paper and tied with ribbons and bows are too banal an idea? Forget about boring presents! Please make a gift that matches its brutal essence. Original statement: a boarded-up wooden box that needs to be opened with a crowbar to get what is hidden there.

Sommelier Gift Set

The best way to surprise a beloved friend is to give him\her a gift he\she never knew existed. A set with an electric screwdriver and other accessories for a real sommelier will provide a lot of new impressions and become a great occasion to show off to friends.

A Bartender Set

One more idea for fans of good alcohol — A complete set for making cocktails and even with syrups! The set includes a shaker, muddler, tongs, strainer, and other classic bartender tools. Such a group will be an excellent gift for a person if he\she has long dreamed of impressing everyone around him with his cocktails.

A Globe Bar

Someone likes to make, and someone wants to collect exclusive alcohol. The Globe Bar is an excellent gift for successful and ambitious people because these qualities were inherent in pioneering travelers! The Globe Bar has long won the hearts of fans of original gifts.

A Cartoon Doll

An Interior Lamp 

The beautiful crystal-shaped projection lamp will be appreciated by a friend interested in oriental culture or meditation. All the luminaire elements are made of natural materials, while it is possible to independently choose a color scheme and control it using a smartphone.

A Backpack Bag 2 in1 

Transformers are already among us! Only these do not combat robots, but very convenient accessories. In addition to one gray backpack, you get a smaller load and a carry-on laptop bag. Like this! A whole set of useful things in one gift. And this is not magic, but a thoughtful and reliable design.

A Wooden World Map with Engraved Countries and Cities4

A large map of the world will become a stylish decoration for any interior and gladly accepted by the traveler. The wooden map contains borders, names of countries, capitals, and major cities. The card is made of eco-friendly material and is easy to assemble. This is an original gift for any occasion.

A 3D Photo Crystal

An original version for your friend. It can be a 3D crystal in the form of a reward, a star, a heart, or whatever. You order a 3D crystal from us with an original photo and a stylish design.

ArtPix stores will create a unique gift for your order. You give a photo, choose the perfect option among the 3D crystal types, and amaze your friend with a unique gift.

A GTA-Style Portrait 

A vibrant and unusual portrait will give an incredible feeling to anyone who appreciates original things. The picture can be created according to your photo and only after the layout’s approval so that you can be sure of a cool result. Such a present will deliver a lot of positive emotions and cause a real sensation.

An Oak Barrel for Alcohol

The best gift for people that appeals to their true brutal essence is a real oak barrel for premium alcohol. Made from oak, it will preserve the original taste and aroma of the drink. 

The Socks For All Year

If you want to make an essential and practical gift for your friend, then a Yearly stock of socks is just what he\she needs. High-quality socks in comfortable cases will pleasantly surprise you and will remind you all 365 days a year.

A “Cartridge” Handle in a Military Box

Make a reliable and practical gift by choosing a handmade wood product for your friend. Such a gift will emphasize his style and severity and delight its owner with its appearance and pleasant smell.

A Robot Dog

Have you noticed that your friend is always aware of all the fashionable novelties? Then this gift idea will suit him best! True connoisseurs of the fashion industry are aware that walking with a miniature pinscher under the armpit is no longer fashionable.

A Glowing Photo

A new fashion trend among gifts is glowing photography. A surprise that will surprise even those who already have everything. This gift carries several functions simultaneously: it can be used as a wall lamp and an original photo detail for the interior.

When choosing a present for a friend, you should consider his sphere of interests: favorite hobbies and tastes. For example, a music lover can be happy by presenting him with a musical instrument (guitar, drum kit, synthesizer) or appropriate accessories (karaoke, speakers, microphone). 

At the same time, a homebody friend will appreciate the gifts to make his home more cozy and comfortable. Make a lucky choice, and good luck!


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