August 11, 2020

Gift for fashion freak friend


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What to Give Your Fashion Freak Friend

The world of fashion moves at a rapid pace. One minute something is the latest must-have and the next charity shops are drowning in it. This creates a dilemma for less fashion-conscious friends of a stylish fashionista when birthdays and special occasions roll around.


The price tag alone will make friends cringe and possibly experience heart palpations while out shopping together. In the fast-paced fashion world, it would be easy to freeze and not buy your bestie anything for her birthday, or maybe you want to buy her a gift just because you love her but don’t know how.

It gets difficult to know where to start with designer fashions. Hush Style has a range of the latest designer clothing and accessories for affordable prices. It just takes the stress out of shopping for the fashion freaks.


Clothing is the most difficult to buy for someone else, even your best friend or daughter. Sizing is outright random. What is a size 8 in one brand may be a size 12 in another. Also sizing in brands may be a bit different between styles and cuts. That’s where accessories come in.


Accessories don’t just change with the weather. They go in and out of style seasonally with designer clothing. Last summer’s must-have sunglasses are about as useful as last winter’s muff to your fashionista bestie.


If it is her birthday or another special occasion, communicate with other friends in the group, so she isn’t given five of the same pairs of sunglasses. Accessories don’t stop at sunglasses.

If she follows fashion, she’ll need a new watch. This is something the less fashion-conscious amongst us forget. Most of us have used the same watch for years, taking it in for repairs and battery changes as needed until it can’t be fixed anymore. Your fashion freak needs a new watch in the same way you need a new pair of tights. Her watches, because she will have many, will not only be in the latest style, but they’ll match every outfit.

Another area the rest of us neglect is purses. Even if we have a designer handbag, even if it is a bit out of fashion, we didn’t buy a purse with that bag. Purses go out of style in the same way bags do.

Splash Out

Designer handbags don’t cost as much as you might think, especially when shopping online. If you buy your handbags on the High Street, you can be forgiven for your lack of awareness.

You may not be able to buy an outfit for your fashion freak, but with a bit of know-how and online shopping, you can get your friend the latest accessories. Even a matching purse and a bag with sunglasses and a watch. It doesn’t always cost as much as you might think, especially if she’s dragged you into brick and mortar designer boutiques.

Let your friend know you love and value her with fashion’s latest trends.

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