September 17, 2021

Giant Catbus

Pin It Heather Dockray From Mashable

Buses have a famously toxic reputation; they emit fumes, clog highways and breed middle school bullies.

But one giant, furry catbus promises to restore dignity to this mode of transportation.

Curators at Studio Ghbili in Tokyo this week revealed an enormous Catbus. The vehicle is modeled after the Catbus in the classic Hayao Miyazaki movie My Neighbor Totoro. It’s outfitted so that both children and shameless adults can ride.

Hear that imaginary engine purrrr.

Kids had previously been able to board a child-sized Catbus, but museum officials wanted to quash any stigma about infantilization and also open a bus for adults. Just because you’re full-grown human doesn’t mean you don’t want to sit in the plush belly of a stationary imaginary cat.

Finally, a Catbus for the Restofus.

Take a look at these grownups who finally found their safe space. In a museum, in the body of a plush cat, just petting.

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