November 26, 2020

George Garland “Garlon” Jackson laid to rest in Cayman Brac

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Cayman Brac has laid to rest yet another native son whose character was larger than life.  George Garland Jackson, called by those who knew him as ‘Garlon’ was not a man of pomp and circumstance; however his life story mandated a state funeral befitting the merits of his life’s achievements.    Those, whose recent memories of Garlon can be recalled, remember a quiet dignified gentleman with a wit that could turn a hurricane into a sunny, breezy day.  His passion for his friends reflected in his love of cooking gourmet meals and sharing his laughter and country music on his guitar.

To sit next to him unacquainted one would never suspect the magnitude of this gentle fun-loving man’s accomplishments during his lifetime. However, because of his vast experiences and knowledge, he could entertain and knew just what to ask to sum up your character in the matter of a very short time.  His natural sense of grace instantly put you at ease after his acceptance of your summation.

Garlon was born and raised in Cayman Brac to Hidriff Garlon and Girldeen Amand Jackson.  Born on 14 October 1938, he was the fourth of their five children.  After finishing school in Cayman Brac at the age of 18, Garlon set to sea as did most Bracker men, to seek employment with National Bulk Carriers from 1956-1964.  As a result of this tenure, lifelong friendships with his fellow seamen were forged, his passion for country music and a love of travel especially to Cuba and Honduras developed.
After leaving a life at sea, a clerical job in Cayman Brac led to an aspiring career in government on many levels, interests and diversities. During the 1980s, Garlon attained the position of Acting District Commissioner and later District Administrator for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  He went on to the position of Principal Secretary to the Portfolio of Communication and Works until retirement at the end of 1984.

He married Mona Banks in 1967.  The marriage produced 3 children; Devlin, Monique and Charisse.  Devlin’s death in 1970 preceded Garlon.  He delighted in his children and grandson who he often visited in Grand Cayman.   Family ties and friendships established in Cuba were a constant draw for him to visit and maintain connections there.

Sadly, it was as he was preparing for another visit to Cuba when he passed away suddenly in his home on 24 November 2011.
Garlon will forever remain a part of Cayman Brac in our hearts and minds.  His life was the essence of the definition of everything good in Cayman Brac; resourceful, witty and a fun-loving zest for life.

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