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  • Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife offers thrilling passenger ride on one of the world’s most complex racetracks 
  • Experience programme provides an opportunity to customers and fans to enjoy Genesis like never before
  • Programme marks important milestone to brand’s high-performance journey
  • Programme utilises Genesis G70 3.3T model, renowned for responsive handling and powerful engine, allowing for exceptional track capability
  • Jacky Ickx, Genesis Brand Partner and racing legend, participated in official opening  
  • Partnership with Michelin will provide G70 Track Taxi with Pilot Sport 4S specialised sport tyres, offering  ultimate performance on track
  • Bookings for the Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife experience will open at end of June and can be booked here:

Frankfurt, Germany, 21 June 2024Genesis has launched the Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife programme at the famous Nürburgring, offering passenger rides to the public at one of the world’s most complex but thrilling racetracks.

The global programme was officially launched on June 18 at an opening event at the Nürburgring. Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer at Genesis, Tyrone Johnson, Head of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre, and Genesis Brand Partner and racing icon, Jacky Ickx, hosted the event. 

The Nürburgring is one of Germany’s most famous racetracks and one of the most legendary auto-racing circuits in the world. With over a length of 20.832 km, 73 corners, constantly changing road surfaces and 300 metres of altitude, the Nürburgring rightfully covets the title of being one of the world’s most technical racetracks.

To guarantee the driving performance, durability and stability for the fast-paced Nordschleife ride, Genesis utilises the sporty saloon G70 3.3T model, which is the global specification model renowned for dynamic drivability, innovative technology and an athletic, coupe-like design.

G70 has also undergone further enhancements to its suspensions and dampers in collaboration with the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre (HMETC) at Rüsselsheim. The facility serves as the hub for Genesis’ European vehicle performance and durability development.

To ensure better brake cooling, additional brake ducts were also mounted, leading the air from the front bumper to the front wheel arch, while heat shields on the transmission oil cooling lines prevent overheating the transmission in racetrack conditions.

Ensuring the best tyres for the track, Genesis and Michelin have entered a partnership to supply the G70 Track Taxi with MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S specialised sport tyres, guaranteeing unparalleled performance in all weather conditions. 

Completed in Genesis’ striking Magma-inspired orange exterior wrap, the G70 Track Taxi makes a bold statement against the dense greenery lining the Nürburgring track.

“The launch of the Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife programme marks an important milestone in our journey to delivering bold high-performance cars, showcasing the power, handling and performance that the brand can offer. It emphasises the brand’s commitment to integrating the experiences gained into further vehicle product development,” said Donckerwolke. “The track taxi Nordschleife programme will provide Genesis customers and fans a tangible touchpoint to experience Genesis like never before.”

Bookings for the Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife will open on June 21, with the programme starting from July 6. The programme allows up to three passengers per ride. Please see more information here:

About Genesis

Founded in South Korea, Genesis offers premium cars with a luxury experience and is committed to delivering an exceptional service to its customers. From its European headquarters in Frankfurt, Genesis Motor Europe operates in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Since launching in Europe in 2021, the brand has received multiple company and product award wins across all three markets. 

The Genesis range includes three dynamic pure electric models as well as the most recent addition, Genesis G90, the brand’s flagship luxury saloon. Central to Genesis’ identity is the distinctive design language of ‘Athletic Elegance’, blended with the very latest technology to deliver state-of-the-art customer features. Genesis is dedicated to a sustainable future and aims to become a carbon net zero by 2035. 

For more information about Genesis and its definition of premium, please visit


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